Used car dealers facing development difficulties, raise collective financial services survival


Editor’s Note: this article is from “the economic observer” author: “Gao Guangchang”, 36 krypton authorised forwarding.

auto electric business is facing a dilemma development at this stage, not only in the new e-commerce platform, in the used car business who is also true. In February this year of the China Automobile Dealers Association used car transactions, used-car platform used cars accounted for 1.28% of the total trading volume for the month. This means that for every 100 used car, only 1 is through the online platform to buy out and about 99 is an online transaction is completed. Below is the absolute main used car trading.

“financial services instead of trading operations, become the main battlefield of platform competition, logic of online transactions, are increasingly caught knee and elbow. “A used car finance platform operators told the economic Observer reporter, intentions will be replaced by used car dealers used car Internet platform, build online trading platform, the dual challenges of this model are experiencing reality. Major competition from cars used car trading platforms trading on to financial services.

on September 8, owned by Yi Xin Tao Deng Chao as network enabled spokesperson, formally opening Yee-Shin c-side campaign. Yee-Shin capital’s main business is automotive financial services from Amoy network products, including used car selling, used car, new car leasing in phases, as well as services such as insurance, testing, core business around financial services. Yee-Shin war, meant that to some extent financial services capacity rose to more important positions.

in fact, prior to this, used car finance companies in a variety of ways, to participate in the used-car platform war. Murray Murray car finance, financial subsidiaries, for example, starting from September 2014 layout used car finance, used car finance platform is the earliest large-scale industrial. 2016-2017, the excellent letter, melon seeds, all cars at the same time expand the used car trading business also joined the layout used car finance business.

the major platforms Rob financial cake, is not surprising. “Pure transaction grab sources and users, it itself is a money-losing business. Used car trading platform do not make money, which itself violates the commercial core value, develop derivative financial and insurance services to form a closed loop of becoming the only way. “Those engaged in the financing of a car, told reporters.

it is understood that the actual transaction process, 4% about Commission on each deal, far from covered platform cost. A used-car platform insider, every single transaction platform for all aspects of a comprehensive cost 5000 Yuan, calculated according to the used cars currently sold for an average price of 60,000 yuan, average Commission of about 2400, platform every single trading losses in the 2000-3000 Yuan.

used car finance offers huge profits, which became the used-car business and even more companies to pursue critical business. The used car industry said, used cars as mobile, high-value features, by funding all ages, used car installment loans funds in the current market, mainly from Bank funds, financial platform cost around 4%, consumer installment loans to buy used cars, loan interest rate will generally be more than 15%. Profit from financial operations is obvious.

Thus, an obvious trend is that used-car field shifted from trade to financial, while traditional Internet businesses online with business logic, in the field of used cars have become powerless.

“according to our survey data, purchasing used cars, primarily through two sites completed, one is the 4S shops, around 20% per cent of total trading volume, the second is used-car dealer, total trading volume of more than 75%. Market aggregation effect, except for 5% independent brand car dealer, line around the 95% used car dealers rely on used car trading market. The penetration of online used car market, the main channel is used car finance business. “American car finance CEO Huang Dacheng said in an interview with the economic Observer reporter time.

American financial network from 2014 to begin construction of line, has now entered the line in more than 330 cities nationwide used car market to conduct financial business, exclusive agent for providing 1-on-1 service car users, current financial stage cumulative orders nearly 200,000 units.

used car transactions, the financial platform for the sustainable development, constantly aware of the importance of offline channels and start online features heavily in the market. After following the Murray car finance, Wu also began to establish direct line financial channel, after Wu announced turnover of more than 1 million vehicles, but did not release specific financial stage in the singular. In May 2017, Yi Xin to buy second-hand O2O platform cars network, speed up line layout of the used car market, and Internet lines, more about online guide.

the economic Observer reporter in Beijing huaxiang interviews some of the used car dealers the used car market, the survey shows, financial dealers generally have more than one familiar with staging sales, dealer first recommended financial staging companies include American car finance, car network, as well as the excellent letter, and was familiar with the companies.

“excellent salesman took the car to the letter, and will bring their clients to visit, he brought to the customer transactions, stage I would not recommend it to others. Murray is characterized by fast, approved we will get the car that day. Sales call, more professional, not screwing list. “A second-hand dealer said.

line entities under the used car dealer not only has the used car, and customers, as well as the direct and effective channels, customers need a car or financial services, used-car dealers can provide products and recommended service company. This is an advantage over e-commerce. Original qichezhijia Li Xiang, the founder in a media interview, said: “whether it’s new or used car, is essentially a low-frequency large-value transactions, low-frequency large-value transactions are essentially the offline business, lines are only used to optimize efficiency, this is obvious. “Qichezhijia in previous foray into e-commerce, but in the wake of massive losses, has announced to give up.

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