Unicorn company in the world ranking: 55 companies listed in China, drops, millet, Lu Jin enters top ten


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in the us outside of the top ten most watched seven of the Unicorn company.

the Unicorn Club in the world today, from 214 to start-up companies, each company valuation of more than $1 billion. Unicorn enterprises of the most valuable in the world, total valuation of about $745 billion. Unicorn global company rankings (http://suo. im/3lQgTh)

in fact, more than 50% of the Unicorn company located in the United States, American Unicorn global share valuations 51% against the Unicorn Club.

USA the Unicorn company

http://suo. im/38k4Jh

In recent years, more and more of the Unicorn appeared outside the United States.

since 2014, starting from the first company to reach $1 billion valuation, 37% area is outside of the United States. In 2015, this figure rises to 53%, again rose to 58% last year. So far, by 2017, 42 companies have joined the global Unicorn Club, of which 24 companies outside the United States.

CB Insights relies on the analysis of its database, drawing a current value of more than $1 billion of non-United States startups. Since 2013 is listed in other countries (non-US) the Unicorn company.

2013 year, over 70% of the Unicorn company is based on the United States to base camp. From 2013 to 2016, the Unicorn company of the United States gradually began to decrease, while last year, joining the Unicorn Club of about 42% in the United States.

by far the most valuable non-us parts of the Unicorn company includes: based in China, today’s headlines (most recently valued at US $11 billion), thanks to the bike ($ 3 billion), Wei to cars ($ 2.9 billion) and group of Redwood ($ 2 billion), headquartered in Germany, Otto Bock healthcare ($ 3.5 billion), as well as the first ever Maltese Unicorn VistaJet (2.5 billion dollars).

outside the United States the Unicorn

outside the United States, China has the largest number of the Unicorn company, a total of 55. Chinese in the United States outside of the top ten most watched seven of the Unicorn company, drops to 50 billion dollars for a taxi home, the other two companies entered the unicorns in the world top ten, namely millet ($ 46 billion) and Lu Jin (18.5 billion dollars).

apart from China, India and Britain occupy the unicorns in the world’s most. In addition, only accounted for in other countries outside the us share of global Unicorn is about 2%.

at present, Africa has the 3 unicorns: Promasidor Holdings and Africa Nigeria Internet Group and Cell c in South Africa. Also has 3 Middle East Unicorn finalists list (ironSource and Infinidat from Israel as well as Careem from United Arab Emirates), 2 in South America (LifeMiles from Colombia and Decolar from Argentina).

in the United States and China, India is the most valuable Unicorn company e-commerce platform Flipkart (most recently valued at $11.6 billion), followed by Sweden’s Spotify music streaming service ($ 8.5 billion) and India’s largest online trading site Snapdeal ($ 7 billion).

outside of the United States, valued at more than $1 billion in 107 Unicorn company

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