Top 5 SmartPhone in 2017: Apple still tops the list

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Top 5 High-end smartphone 2017
top 5 high-end smartphone of the year 2017

2017 is meant to be a special year for smartphone. More Chinese companies entered smartphone’s market, which adds more uncertainties to the future. Tim Cook is facing his first final exam, he may make Apple’s era extends, or may have to face it to an end. Google(or say Alphabet) begins to reclaim its kingdom by takeovering HTC’s smartphone business. Well, as a customer we only care variaties, or simply which product works best for us.

iPhone X is the best smart phone of the year 2017
Best Smart Phone of the year 2017

1. iPhone X by Apple – MVP of the year

It is a tradition to list apple’s smartphones on the top of any list regarding smartphones. Although iPhone8 is actually only an upgraded version of Iphone7, Tim Cook, the ceo of Apple inc. has decided to provide dinners with brand new recipes.

The iPhone X truly has a few remarkable changes comparatively. Its features included “Entirely screen” (quoted from apple’s website), facial recognition, AR optimization, scarifies the well-known home button as well as finger print identification, may leads the industry’s competition into a new phase. The full screen concept was introduced not by Apple, but its fellow competitor Xiaomi in 2016, we still believe apple gonna lead interaction design of full screen for years. A11 integrated with AI ability (NPU) is considered as the best smartphone Chipset of the year, followed by HUAWEI’s Kirin 970, both of which step forward in neutral network computing. Artificial Intelligent is seemed to be a rule breaker, not only to smartphones, Apple is now leading the way, but not quite far beyond HUAWEI nor Imagination ( Apple’s former GPU designer, a British chipset design company).

Specs Description Score
Screen Size 5.8 inch Super Retina HD 2436*1125 9/10
CPU&GPU A11+M11+NPU 10/10
Camera 7 MP Depth Front, Dual 12 MP Back 10/10
Exordinary Full Screen, Face ID, 3D touch, AR enhanced 8/10
Security Could be as good or better than Touch ID 5/10
User Experience Historically speaking better than Android 14/15
Price Start from $999 3/5
Editor’s choice Must have for Enthusiasts 18/20
Overall 84/100

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Smartphone MATE X by HUAWEI
HUAWEI MATE X is a great choice to buy

2. MATE X by HUAWEI – World’s first mCPU with AI

HUAWEI is the largest smartphone manufacturer in China’s market. Its first quarter shipments reached 20 million units, which gains it 20% of China’s market share. MATE is HUAWEI’s High-end product. Other brands including P-series, Honor, Nova, G-series, etc., are targeted at different markets. It is still too early to conclude its achievements so far. However, MATE X is now formally to be the most powerful competitor of iPhone X at the moment. HUAWEI announced its “World’s first AI enhanced smartphone chipset ever” only 10 days before Apple. Now because both of their phones are not shipped yet until November, we still have to wait and see.

According to the official announcement, we believe MATE X is far more powerful than the rest in market. Given it has Full-Screen as well, we don’t need another reason to put it on 2nd place.

Specs Description Score
Screen Size 6.1 inch 18:9 Full Screen OLED 2160*1080 8/10
CPU&GPU Kirin 970 10/10
Camera 23 MP Front, Dual 20 MP Back 9/10
Exordinary Full Screen, NPU, all satellite systems supported, First 5G LTE support 7/10
Security Touch ID 4/10
User Experience Android 8.0 based EMUI 6.0 system, known as first Android 8.0 customization system 13/15
Price Not Sure 3/5
Editor’s choice Must have for Enthusiasts 16/20
Overall 82/100

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Smartphone MIX 2 by XIAOMI
XIAOMI MIX 2 gets very good customer reviews

3. MIX 2 by Xiaomi – World’s first full-screen smartphone brand

If you’ve already owned or played with MIX, MIX2 might seems a little backward to you. Xiaomi is a successful market player, who entered smartphone industry by selling its products through social media, and succeed. MIX was born as a concept phone, Lei Jun, the CEO of Xiaomi, also known as a famous follower of Steven Jobs. He brought it up to regain the confidence of the market. It is as what it is. MIX only produced 100 thousand units, shipped less than that.

Due to the reduction of Xiaomi’s market share around the world, Xiaomi has MIX2 redesigned by Philippe Starck and re-announced as its top class smartphone. It indeed has Qualcomm most powerful chipset of the year, Snapdragon 835, so does MI 6, Xiaomi’s second class. A10x gets better performance (no need to mention A11) than 835 chipset. Even though, its role as market explorer still gives it a lot of credits.

Specs Description Score
Screen Size 5.99 inch 18:9 Full Screen LCD 2160*1080 9/10
CPU&GPU Snapdragon 835 unlocked 8/10
RAM 8GB LPDDR4 10/10
Camera 5 MP Front, Dual 12 MP Back 7/10
Exordinary Full Screen inventor 10/10
Security Touch ID 5/10
User Experience Android 7.9 based MIUI 9 system, known. MIUI is one of the best Android customizations. 12/15
Price Start from $496 4/5
Editor’s choice Must have for fans 15/20
Overall 80/100

Mix 2 is not available on its international site, check Mix instead:


Smartphone Galaxy Note 8 by Samsung
Galaxy Note 8 is quite popular in China

4. Galaxy Note 8 by Samsung – For Business & Professionals

Despite of the impact of Note 7’s recall continues, the sales performance of Galaxy Note 8 is still hot. Galaxy Note series stay on top of the list of Android’s Camp for years. its mother company Samsung, the world’s largest OLED screen manufacturer insists to provide the best quality screens to it, with or without the questioning sounds of monopoly. 6.3 inch curve screen, S Pen, and other special features make it out from all the others. If you are a business kind of person, you may want to have this one. Samsung’s self-developed CPU Exynos 8895 obviously supports better photo shooting experiences than Snapdragon 835. VPU is another highlight, it gives inside-out position tracking ability to the rear camera. If you do remember GearVR, the Galaxy Note 8 international version is the one you want to try.

On the other hand, we’re afraid that the mobile VR strategy is not a good idea. Given that Samsung has suffered so many failures in the process of building its own ecosystem. After all, its VR partner Oculus does not work well these days.

Specs Description Score
Screen Size 6.3 inch 18.5:9 Quad HD+ Super AMOLED  2960*1440 10/10
CPU&GPU Exynos 8895 8/10
Camera 8 MP Front, Dual 12 MP Back 8/10
Exordinary Full Screen, AMOLED, S Pen, VR enhanced 8/10
Security Touch ID, Face ID 6/10
User Experience Android System with minor customization 11/15
Price Start from $929 3/5
Editor’s choice Must have for Professionals 16/20
Overall 76/100

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Pixel 2 XL by Google - smartphone
Pixel 2 XL – Google’s own product of smartphone

5. Pixel 2 XL by Google – Former HTC SmartPhone Department

Gave up Nexus series, bought HTC cellular department, Google is now taking the job of producing smartphone seriously. Pure Android blood, Edge Control functionality, and now its birth mum finally married its own father. We should call it Orthodox Prince from now on. But still, we have to emphasize that due to lacking of experiences of designing a chipset, Pixel series may not be as popular as its cousins outside the US market. From the picture above, we can see that it looks quite like Galaxy S8. Its screen ratio is 18:9, which is against Android 7’s original screen ratio policy. But team of Android team then had re-approved in Xiaomi’s repeated insistentce and endless negotiations. Interesting story.

Specs Description Score
Screen Size LG 6 inch OLED 7/10
CPU&GPU Snapdragon 835 8/10
Camera 8 MP Front, 12 MP Back 6/10
Exordinary Edge Control 4/10
Security Touch ID 5/10
User Experience Android 8.0 14/15
Price Not sure 2/5
Editor’s choice Must have for Google fan 14/20
Overall 67/100

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