Thanks to a new cycle: lighter, better ride, will introduce an automatic transmission version


9 month, 22nd, 36 krypton was informed that, thanks to the bike was officially released today a new generation of vehicles, and official worship , New car uses a minimalist design language to reduce weight to industry-wide minimum, substantially reducing the burden on users riding and will launch a version for automatic transmission models.

from the early classic motorcycle thanks to the bike, the Lite version of the second generation of Lightweight motorcycles, to the third-generation in April this year “windy Breeze” bike, thanks to the cycling experience the upgraded three times.

thanks to tell 36 krypton, a new generation thanks to the bike each body part has been redesigned to ensure safety and durability as much as possible on the premise of reducing per 1 gram weight, body strength ultra Euro 50% and the entire car weighs just 15.5kg, became the lightest on the market share of cycling. Meanwhile, thanks to the cycling ergonomics laboratory experimental data based on over 200,000 times, new cycling Pack with Dow Chemicals joint research and development of new solid low resistance tires, riding Surface resistance by 27%.

in addition, mobai introduces professional level “power cycling”. Power cycling refers to the users on the pedal force times the pedaling frequency, can be simply understood as the effort spent riding, the lower shows cycle of more labor-saving. Thanks to the cycling ergonomics laboratory data show, a whole new generation thanks to bike ride shared bicycle 67% power only for other brands.

it is reported that mobaixin cycling will introduce an automatic transmission vehicle: when you ride faster, step frequency is higher, variable speed drum Edition models will automatically switch to a bigger gear than in second gear, allowing stepped frequency for fast riding. Compared with the traditional transmission technology, a new generation thanks to the bike for the first time the application of sophisticated automatic transmission to a shared bicycle area, shift a seamless transition for different users without having to learn how to switch gears, and built-in transmission more reliable and durable.

mobai automotive chassis for the first time on the new bike tuning technology applied to the bicycle, by resetting the drive ratio, started briskly, step on the pedal a week enhance performance of 36%. In addition, the new ergonomic design of chassis and steering, match Italian brand with a height Rod adjustable saddles, more relaxed riding posture, to better meet the needs of different height users.

new cycling embedded chain drive system uses a newly developed, more brisk in the riding experience at the same time, guaranteed by design rolled cuffs, not clip off a chain to boost reliability, durability and ease of maintenance. New design classic car and motorcycle thanks to five wheels, using a new generation of magnesium aluminum alloy material, light weight, high strength, resilience and stronger.

thanks to cycles founder and President Hu Weiwei said: “the launch of the next-generation models, mark reaching new heights thanks to the cycles of industrial design, sets a new benchmark. From ergonomic design to new composite materials, from automatic transmission technology to professional-grade systems adjusted to whole new generation thanks to cycle through more than 200 innovation, make the ride more light, making life easier, make city life more enjoyable. “

in today’s press conference, in addition to debut new bike, but a rich sense of the future new cars the same concern. The new all-metal body car, designed by Japanese master of deep zezhiren, muji’s Chief Designer personally project was designed, it is learnt that, thanks to the bike was the first to launch new products in conjunction with Naoto fukasawa Chinese brands.

when it comes to new car design concepts, deep zezhiren said this model in addition to ultra-high “face value”, the full “automatic design” concept, without cumbersome learning process, in accordance with the intuition you can smoothly use products, showing the essence of worship cycle simple, seamless user experience, And distillation.

in addition, thanks to bicycle release code-named “Hawk” (Eagle) a new generation of intelligent lock, unlock success rates rise further. A new generation of intelligent lock uses a new design, more lightweight and durable, while supporting “big +GPS” multi-satellite positioning, as well as the world’s multi-mode mobile networks and the Internet of things, can seamlessly access telecommunication operators ‘ networks, thanks to the internationalization strategy.

so far, thanks to the bicycle has entered more than 180 cities in 8 countries around the world, operates more than 7 million intelligent shared bike; more than 150 million registered users worldwide, offers more than 25 million rides a day, is the world’s leading Internet travel service.

I’m 36 krypton car team reporter Zheng Xiaokang, concerned about Tesla, drone, new energy cars, connectivity, travel and post market, welcome to contact me directly, micro-credit: 15735104947

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