Should or should not work overtime, in fact, is a false problem


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ago, there was an article called the Catholic company for employees, has died, go well.

may have some friends who have seen it, here is a simple introduction to the effect that:

businesses to do big, will have the wolves, promoted overtime, struggle, promoted through thick and thin. Catholic dies, who is not Catholic.

after the article came out, forward circle of friends there are many entrepreneurs, support, also oppose it.

also in droves, a friend asked me: how? Whether young people should or should not work overtime?

I would like to talk about their experiences.

last year, circle of friends around one joke. Title called: how to spend a year of time, access to three years of work experience?

open, two characters: working overtime.

many are funny, but it did say my experience.

my first job was in a good creative digital marketing company. On his first day at work was held: the prescribed time is 7 points, 7 points, no one moves, from work until 9 o’clock in droves.

entry for a month, at one point, to work more than 10 points, finished programmes to customers, to AE, rushed packing work.

lived so far, Metro halted, then take a taxi, about 20 minutes.

the downstairs phone shock a bit, AE said customers changed, you changed, and over just fine.

I was silent for a long time in the car, the driver said:

master, could you back, just get in place.

it’s terrible? Not at all. Because, later in the day, in this case, it is normal.

especially in the pitch when a week staying up until 3, is a normal thing.

so, for several years, almost didn’t go away-the weekend can sleep well, who wants to go out.

later, moving to the Internet, into a startup. Has not changed, but more terrifying.

when making digital marketing, although the workload, but only two customers on things relatively straight, slowly got used to. But in this company, and 3-5 projects at hand are common.

you have to constantly switch back and forth between projects, and remember all the details.

which will not only drain time, will drain your brainpower.

so, at that time, learned a lot of knowledge and practice of project management, is to be able to manage the team and multiple line items.

until now, my lifestyle is unhealthy, friends in the community are aware, I am rarely in bed before 2, generally up to 3 points. Why? Is has always been a habit.

–but also because a lot of overtime, I accumulated experience, handling projects than others, more than half.

in these projects, the opportunity to gain insight into your thinking, and trial and error, it is irreplaceable treasure.

if I like than their peers, a little edge, thanks to the fast-moving State.

and some online friends meet, they will be surprised. Because I look than they imagined, younger.

they will ask me: How do you have so much experience, write those articles?

often times like this, I would tell them:

work overtime.

I said so much, what is it? To tell you “work well, you should be working overtime”?

of course not.

because, “should or should not work overtime” the question itself, there is no sense .

this issue, should not have to ask anybody, should be asking themselves.

“should or should not work overtime” is not important, “can efficiently work” is not important, what is important?

is what do you want from this job.

this is your “want to work overtime,” the sole criterion.

the most important ability is aware of self awareness. But it is also the most difficult.

my earlier experiences, are said to work overtime – but these benefits come from it? Because to work overtime?

is not. Because I know what I want.

after you come out from the digital marketing, considered switching to many over a period of time, in the thinking behind the career planning.

why chose the Internet? Because I find that they like is the high tempo, high efficiency, quick response and action mode of work–so I can’t go to traditional enterprises, because they are, in my opinion, is too slow.

so, overtime, learning and growth, self improvement-these things, there is no need to insist, because they are my thing.

that is, overtime was not an outside pressure, but I have a way to achieve their goals.

this is what I want to express.

do not consider “want to work overtime”, but to consider “what I want”, and then, look at “overtime” this method is in the necessary way to achieve their goals.

have a friend who I talk to has a story.

the CEO of their company, to Silicon Valley learn had been, came back and introduced some time in the company’s “flexible”: not the pursuit of performance, no clock, no overtime, employees submit their own goals, and take responsibility for work.

I asked him what happened.

he said: it’s not dead, but after half a year, bosses were quietly changed back to the original model, what is still to do.

this is a common phenomenon. Why many foreign companies are “flexible””flexible””user-friendly”, but domestic enterprises, but have to use high-pressure policy and system, pushing the employees, forcing employees to work overtime?

is because the domestic staff’s quality than abroad?

of course not.

in essence, because the managers, neglected an important point: identity .

in my several management courses, have time and again stressed: team to do the project, and most important, is not the ability or experience, but staff on the goals of a group identity, are you willing to contribute to the project.

everyone will have their own goals. May be the promotion and pay rise may improve their ability, may be dealing with more people may be focused on the things that interest may be made “many people” products … …

and so on.

really can give a person power is definitely not material reward, but to achieve a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

so only when the personal goals and team goals, adjusting to the same direction, the whole team is valid.

in this case, team or what? Will take the initiative to work overtime.

this is not fiction. My old company, is a good example.

what is our work? On weekends, ask someone in the Group: today, who went to the company? With me.

no request, there is no reward and punishment. Indeed, they finished her work, will take the initiative to tell me: I ran out of things to do, there is nothing else can do?

why they so readily? Because sitting at home with nothing to do, it’s better to do more live.

their exact words were: “watching them bit by bit in achieving, especially with a sense of accomplishment. “

how did it do that? Not because of bonuses, not forced, but because we agree with this goal.

to them, the work is more than work, it has more significance.

to some extent, it is career and life.

However, many bosses, not to think about them – or too lazy to think.

what are they taking measures? Coercion, force employees to work overtime.

this is the most simple way. It does not need to take into account human nature, you do not need to communicate, pay the lowest cost.

but at the same time, it is also the most lazy, most inefficient practices.

the better model is it? Is a subordinate or employee, as a partner, all work together for one goal, rather than as a tool.

whether you’re an Executive or a Manager, this is a must-have.

Finally, back to the first question:

what should or should not work overtime?

I think is in two parts.

If you’re an employee, might as well do this:

  1. write your personal goals

  2. 3-5 it down into core competencies. That is, in order to achieve this goal, you must have the ability.

  3. the daily record log in each ability back, write down what you have accumulated experience.

  4. the regular inspection, review, watch yourself on top of these core competencies, there is no groundbreaking progress.

if the answer is Yes, that is consistent with the objectives of your work, so I think for you, there is no “overtime” trouble–because what you are doing, that is what they want to do things.

if the answer is no, then maybe your work, planning is not the same.

then you need to do, is to consider: how shorter working hours as much as possible, to save their time, to do something of real value.


work, how to be lazy?

how to reverse thinking, enhance the well-being of every day?

If you are a Manager, consider the following questions:

  • my followers are ” Help me “to do things, or in the” together “to do things?

  • if there is no return, they also do not want to continue to do it?

  • I was able to take them, it was because the powers, or because they trust me?

figure out these, “should or should not let their subordinates to work overtime” this problem will be solved.

Finally, to sum up.

does not exist “overtime” concept,

there is no so-called “balancing work and life”,

because the real nitty-gritty of people,

is not a means of livelihood,

it is life itself.

the reference to read: the Catholic company for employees, are dead

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