Meditation-jobs, Schwarzenegger, Kobe will do the same thing


1975 year, Arnold Schwarzenegger into anxiety.

at that time, he is a bodybuilders, for him the title of Governor of California, is simply out of reach. This year, he participated in the “Olympia” contest, and look forward to once again win a bodybuilding champion, at the same time, through multiple champion honors into the movie. As a newcomer in the industry, he felt unprecedented pressure, too many things to deal with, every day anxieties.

one day, quirk of fate, he met a teacher of meditation by the sea in Los Angeles. Teacher recommended him to anxiety through meditation. Prior to this, Schwarzenegger had never been exposed to meditation, he seriously doubted the effects of meditation. So he just hold a try, and began a twice-daily meditation, 20 minutes each morning and evening.

this practice is for one year.

Arnold Schwarzenegger says meditation training this year, changed his life.

“through meditation, not just my anxiety is gone, my moods are more stable than it was before. I no longer worry too much hard work, piles of things is no longer regarded as a problem. Until today, I still benefit from meditation. “

in fact, Schwarzenegger is not alone. In the United States, has served more than 20 million people will do that to most effectively alleviate the stress and mental fatigue treatments, Google, Intel, Apple, and other companies also provide their employees with free meditation courses, see it as the key to successful and innovative. Indeed, 200 of the world’s leading figures in, more than 80% has a habit of daily meditation practice.

so, what is meditation?

Plato likens our brain cage: our ideas like a bird, cage flies around in the brain. In order to let the birds settle down, sometimes we need to just be a quiet time aimlessly.

and meditation is the best way to let us have peace time.  through meditation, numerous rambling thoughts can be quiet and let the brain rest, get the depth of peace.

and like Arnold Schwarzenegger and visiting professor at Princeton University luobote·laite (Robert Wright) also received meditation training.

he said, meditation, when he is to concentrate on breathing, thoughts run will no longer be blatant, body and mind can completely release and relief.

is a New York Times bestselling author Robert, won the National Magazine Award and the Pulitzer Prize for the final nominations. Former US President Bill Clinton is strongly recommended to the White House staff to read of the moral animal, is one of Robert’s works. In 2009, Robert was the famous American magazine foreign policy (Foreign Policy), named the world’s top thinkers.

in August this year, Robert has published a new book Buddhism is real: the science and philosophy of meditation and insight (Why Buddhism Is True: TheScience and Philosophy of Enlightenment) the book market quickly made the New York Times bestseller list.

meditation, helps get rid of bad habits

Robert believes that meditation practice can help us to get rid of bad habits, such as to find out the habit.

it is often said, women of self-control, see figure; men’s self-control, to quit smoking. Self-control, powerful people, more likely to succeed in the workplace. At the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta released a working paper, two economists said that people who quit smoking for at least a year, wages generally higher than that to quit smoking, and people who have never smoked. However, the difficulty of quitting smoking, one can imagine.

there are and how many people have tried numerous times to quit smoking, have ended in failure. Sometimes, the cycle of quitting repeatedly, even vicious, smokers have worse relapse.

suppressed the urge to smoke is so difficult? In fact, the “suppress desire” is not a help to give up smoking and effective way, and even counterproductive.

meditation theory believe that forbidden their actions, our desire for something more intense. When you suppressed inner thoughts and tell myself “no smoking”, the more you’ll want to smoke. As stated, I say to you: the next 1 minute you don’t think chimp. But, at the moment, your mind is emerging, “rise of the apes” pictures?

Robert believes that meditation practice can help you effectively address desires, quit smoking. The essence of meditation is to accept all your feelings and ideas, rather than a deliberate exclusion.

when smoking, you shouldn’t be eager to escape or resist this desire, but should face up to it and allow this desire in your brain. Close your eyes, focus on this sense, see look at this and ask yourself, exactly what part of your body have this desire? Desire what it feels like? How strong this feeling? More objectively and carefully examine this feeling is not involved, you are more likely to be spectators of this feeling, and feel this distance, maintaining clarity, read addiction will be significantly reduced.

Robert designed four steps for this meditation practice, named R. A. I. n-rule: recognize (Recognize) the desire to accept (Accept) this desire to examine (Investigate) this desire, Note (Note) in the process.

of course, if you want to completely achieve the purpose of quitting smoking, you also need to keep practicing meditation for a long time. Published by the National Academy of Sciences study showed that meditation can help people with addiction effectively reduced smoking and curb the desire to smoke. During the 2 weeks of meditation practice, patients can reduce the number of smoking 60%.

meditation to help enhance concentration

Similarly, the meditation practice can also help you focus and improve the efficiency of work and study.

when many people who work or study, often distracting. For example, you are writing the report, cell phone received the newsfeed–iPhone x upcoming, then you suddenly wonder x new iPhone features: unlock will be dangerous on the face? Removing the make-up can open locks? My phone seems to have changed, this iPhone x province several months ‘ wages can I afford it? … … Thoughts when you suddenly realize that there’s 2 hours, reporting deadline is coming up, sensible you’ll start worrying: no, no, I want to concentrate on my work, can not think iPhone x, I would like to concentrate … … However, this series was implied without any effect, placed in front of the problem, apart from writing up reports, also can’t afford the iPhone x.

change the way of thinking, let us try meditation practice. When you see the iPhone x push, not to contain his desires, but to say to myself: go ahead, think iPhone x all kinds of interesting new features. Then, close your eyes, look at the desire to have iPhone x, specifically which parts of the body most have such longing feelings? Imagine yourself slowly pulls away from the body, as well as a bystander, stands in this part observing body in body foreign desire. Gradually separated themselves and this feeling of desire, desire to be alone in a side, and then your mind to read the report at hand, and coming back to work. Perhaps, you could not be a success, but try a few more times, objectively and calmly face up to their own desires, can successfully turn your attention back to your job.

the daily meditation practice

above to the many benefits of meditation, then, how should we take a look at our daily meditation practice.

many people mistakenly believe that the threshold of meditation is very high, very mysterious, the average person can’t practice. However, that’s not what happened. Beginners can start from a simple focus on meditation like Robert, focus on your breathing.

can be selected in a quiet and comfortable environment for meditation, bedroom and Office are all good choices. Apple CEO Steve jobs of more than 200 square metres of Office is where he used to meditate, and almost nothing in the Office, only one seat. You can sit on the floor cross-legged like Steve jobs, or the Chair. Relax the shoulders, a straight back, hand on the knee, find a comfortable position, started meditation practice. Note that awareness of the sounds around you, then slowly close your eyes, relax, breathe naturally, focus on your breathing, observing your breathing rhythm, depth, and slow. At this time, your attention may wander, it doesn’t matter, it’s normal, and slowly brought his attention back to the breathing, and observe the rhythm of breathing.

at first, we don’t need to meditate so long 10-15 minutes a day and gradually extended. Famous American talk-show host Oprah Winfrey will meditate twice a day, for 20 minutes at a time. Someone will burst into tears at the end of the first meditation; and you might have no feeling, but don’t worry, these are normal phenomena, over time, experience of meditation will appear.

in order to better the meditation exercises, in addition to adding some meditation courses, you can also use meditation App using guide words help us to enter a meditative state of meditation, such as Calm, happy healthy heart, and so on.

in fact, meditation does not require you to have a certain religious belief, meditation is not a magical metaphysics, but a practice of living in the moment. Meditation can help you quickly control focus, self-discipline, creativity, critical success factors.

the American billionaire, Lei·daliao, a global hedge fund giant (Ray Dalio) said: “all in all my achievements, meditation is helping me the most important element of success, no one (Meditation more than anything in my life was the biggest ingredient of whatever success I have had)。 “

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