Mao Daqing: midlife I gradually understood, runs more slowly, to be able to run farther


In Addition To The Real Estate Executives, He Was An Interpreter, Mao Daqing Has Translated Several Books Over The Years Are Very Popular. Mao Daqing Have Had Depression, Anxiety, But He Uses Running Get Rid Of All This. Translation Can Also Be Seen From Him, Running For Mao’S Personal Influence. Perhaps No Matter How Hard, How To Start A Business Are No Longer Able To Reach The Commercial Glory Of The Big Brothers, But Why Do They Think So? Perhaps As Mao Daqing Has Said That Entrepreneurship Is A Life Experience, Just Do It To Do Well.

A Lot Of People Looking, But Could Not Go Farther

Four Years Ago Following The Discovery Of Depression, Doctors Very Clear Recommendations I Used Medication, These Drugs Are Not Conventional Medicine, Are Psychiatric Side Effects Are Also Very Strange At A Time, Eating Six. I’Ve Never Lived More Than 40 Years, It Is Rare To Take Medicine, This Hit Pretty Big To Me, From The Age Of 43 And Is Hard To Imagine Drug Company, Or A Lifetime.

I Suddenly Realized That Middle-Aged People Face Various Obstacles, Including Age. That Time Was Lucky, Vanke Was Requirement Driven By The Management Of Healthy Living Activities, Requiring Vice President And General Manager, With Everyone Running, So I Is Equivalent To Have To Do It, You Must Run.

The Process Met Some Very Good Coaching, They In A Very Flexible Way To Teach Me, Initially Starting From Walking, From 800 M To 5 Km, 2 Km, Until Now The 59 Marathons. I Remember Too Clearly, But Specifically Recall Is To Complete The First 5-Kilometer Time Feel, Feel As If Life Is Opened A New Window.

A Person In Middle School Sports Often Fail, Because This Is No Way I Want To Go To A School. Since Then, I Decided To Bid Farewell To Sport, Particularly Running, Once You See The Tv Running I Want To Turn Off.

Then From Coach To Take Me To When I Can Run 5000 Meters, Felt Like I Became A Legend. Start Crazy Running, When I Run The First 5 Km, 6 Days In A Row I Go Running 5 Miles Every Day, In Order To Prove That It Is True, I Really Can Do This Thing.

The Joy Is Never Felt Any Work And Study, And A Completely Insulated Thing And I Should Be Able To Complete. This Gave Me An Inspiration – A Lot Of Times Their Own Psychological Implications, Blocked The Possibility Of Life.

From That Time On Began To Challenge Half, Full, Run Down Will Have A Great Sense Of Achievement. Impressed Me Most Is The 2013 Festival Ran Half Horse And Their Entry To Hong Kong. Where I Met The World’S Oldest Marathon Runner Singh-101 Years Old, Happy Valley, He Declared No Longer In The Marathon. Me And Him (He Was Full I Was Half, Departure Times Are Not The Same, Just Hit), Then Greeted A 101-Year Old Elderly, White Beard Floating Around A Group Of His Young Fans, The Scene Until Today Are An Indelible, The Kind Of Struggle And Age, The Vitality Of Life, Every Time I Think This Shot He Felt Was Too Young, Life Is Just Beginning.

Marathon The Sport Will Always Be Yourself Is Your Opponent. Beginning Always Wanted To Run Faster, Would Like More Than The Others, Later Discovered That There Is No Meaning, There Is Always Someone Faster Than You, I Summarize One Sentence Later, Called “Runs More Slowly, To Be Able To Run Farther.” Life Is, A Lot Of People’S Pursuit Of Fast, But Could Not Go Farther.

Anxiety I Ever Felt Like Standing On A Precipice

If Not Spent 6 Years Of Adventure, I Am Still In Capitaland, Will Lose A Lot Of Color In Life, How To Build A New Town? How To Build Four? How To Work With Wang?

Spent The Best Of Times, I Gave Up Vice President Positions, To Start Again, How Much Risk? Too Many People Have Advised Me Not To Do. But I Never Wavered.

Wang Said The Word Has An Impact On My Life, Called, “Defined By The Experience Of Life.” This Sentence Has Been Inspired And Influenced My Life Has Much Value, Depending On How Much Experience You Have, I Am A Particularly Characteristic Of Process Philosophy, I’M Not Too Concerned About The Outcome Of Many, Have Much Energy To Do Big Things, But I Can’T Accept That My Life Is Monotonous, No Color.

At First, Yoko Factories Faced Difficulties Just Like Most Businesses: Financing, Finding A Location, Business Model, Customer Complaints, And Needs To Continue To Make Breakthroughs. And Now The Industry Is Weak, Market No One Demonstrated That Combined Official Business Exactly How Big Is The Market? For Two Or Three Years Of The World’S Industries. The Industry Will Evolve Into What? What Other Business Can Be Derived? Including Moldova Thanks To The Bicycle, Drops, There Is Currently No Full Understanding Of Future Directions.

Moreover, Vanke Is Helping Enterprises, And To Start Your Own Business, And I Had Some Work Experience Is Different. Working For Enterprises Are Already Business Models, Not Founded. Start A Profitable Again, Influence Others, And Make Employees Happy Business Models More Difficult.

My Business Today, I Don’T Know What Is Treading On Thin Ice. Skating On Thin Ice Every Day. Entrepreneurship Is Like Standing On The Edge Of A Cliff, Beautiful Flowers In The Front, Back A Step Back Pieces. People Who Stood In Front Of Me And Thought I Was Wonderful And It Was Great, Very Bright, Followed By Infinite Beauty, But Who Would Look At Me From The Back, Scared To Death.

For My Business Was Very Difficult, There Are Many Uncertainties, But I Was Still Able To Bear, For More Than 20 Years Of The Previous Exercise. And Since Then, More Anxiety Now, Now Standing On A Precipice.

But Since The “Fans” On A Treadmill, And Some Amazing Changes Have Taken Place.

Life Is A Long Race, I Study And Reflection In The Run

I Have Mild Depression, Poor Sleep, Refused To Communicate With People, Exclusion, Autism, Running Me Out Of This State.

Yu Liang Often Says: “There Is No Time To Exercise, You Have Time To Be Sick; Bad Pipe Weight, You Can’T Control Life, And On The Management Of The Company. “Running Is A Unique Experience, Combining Two Of The Most Primitive Human Emotions: Fear And Pleasure. We Ran To Escape, Unfortunately, Runs The Pursuit Of Happiness, Running Can Overcome The Physical And Mental Toxins. Running Produces A Lot Of Happy, And Run Longer, Happier More Pigment Secreted By.

“Ran To Know” Is Nike’S Slogan, Is Very Close To Running Feeling. Happy Marathon, Only Where You Can Feel It, You Don’T Need To Understand, “You Come To My World, You Know My Happiness, Please Don’T Judge Me.” Immersed In The Life Of Running, I Know I Can Be So Addicted To Something.

A Few Years Ago I Used To Drink, In The Eyes Of The Kids Father And Employees In The Eyes Of The Leaders All Day Drunk, Fell In Love With Running, I Can At Least Give Them Positive Guidance. Positive Addiction Will Change, Will Change A Lot Of People Around. I Had Asked Why Yu Liang Insisted Exercise? He Said, You See, Spent More Than 40,000 People, A Large Number Of 85, After The Staff, My 1965 Told Of What They Have In Common? Every Day They Live In App, Internet Thought I Couldn’T Catch Up With Them, Their Fashion I Don’T Know, But There Is One Thing That Can Inspire Them, That’S A Healthy Attitude Towards Life.

When I Want To, I Want To Use Sport To Establish Communication With Young People Channel And My Confidence.

I Found Out Later, Running Really Do Not Need To Stick To A Thing If You Keep Running To Describe Their State, And That Is You Are Not Really In Love With The Sport. Feng Lun On “Persistence” Made A Very Interesting Explanation, He Said, “What Carry-On Needs, This Thing Would Not Have Insisted On The” Drink, Eat, And Sleep Without Having To Adhere To. Run To Me Now, Is Carrying Needs.

Running For Life, Health And Spiritual Joy Of Life Is Higher Pursuits. Runs Will Not Perform Miracles, But Can Help You In A Certain Period Of Time, Internally Focused, Reflecting On And Learning How To Take Care Of Your Life. To Understand That Life Is Running A Long Race Does Not Have To Exceed The Standards Of Others, But You Can Stick To The End.

Running On An Individual Level, Is Something That Transcends Sports Spirit Evolution, Regardless Of The Storm Was Still Exhausted State, Is A Mental Exercise, And Spiritual Evolution. People Need To Challenge What They Dare Not Touch, My Experience Tells Me That Not Not Open A Window, If There Is One Thing To Do Now Is Not Successful, Can Say That Window You Haven’T Found, Or There Is No One To Help You. Life Is A Marathon, Let Alone Who Was A Champion, The Meaning Of Life Is To Go Through This Process.

Life Is Not To Much Work Experience?

The People Of Thinking Determines The Outcome, Is Next In Line. I Always Say To Young People, My Life To Live Your Life, I’Ll End Today, I Was Doing These Things You’Re 80 Years Old Can Do It. Human Life Is Not To Much Work Experience? My Thinking Under The Influence Of Wang Dan. He Is Very Different, Not Bound By Too Many Problems To Go Around And, With Their Inner Desire To Do Things, Finished Day One Day, So Why Make Myself Not Refreshed Yet.

I Am A Process, I Experienced Things, Shall Undergo Experiences, Things That Didn’T, Got It. My Biggest Thought Is That The Time, Money And Status Are Now Feeling, But If Tomorrow Will Give You Notice Of Death, Did You Also Be Interested In These Things? You Must Have Wanted To See To See, Eat No Food, No Processed Stuff. So, If You Live Each Day Like The Last Day, That What Is Important? I Often Say To People, You Get Half A Day Here, I’M Here, You Didn’T Want To, Not Learned, The Morning Is Gone, I Have Pity For You.

Business Like Marathon Requires Stamina, Willpower, And To Feel Happy. Marathon I Ran So Much, No One Is Uncomfortable, Ran To The Halfway And Sometimes Think It Is Doing, Fed Up, But Running On A Kind Of Great Joy, Pushing Me Forward. Very Painful Running 4 Or 5 Hours At A Time, Just For The Sense Of Accomplishment Behind, Harvest Finished In Two Days And Want To Run.

Entrepreneurial Addiction, How Addicted I Stick With It? Never Unhappy Insist, Insist Not To Shout Slogans, Doing For Decades Insisted That This Is Not Possible, Must Have Enjoyed The Process. Others Feel That This Is Very Hard, But Do You Think This Is Pretty Good, Very Happy, So Hard Is A Flesh Of Bitterness, Is Prepared. I Start Sometimes Think This Is Doing It, It’S Very Hard, Sometimes Want Really Depressing, But All Things Taken Together, Still Feel Pretty Happy. Feel Very Tired One Kilometer Marathon Ran Out, And There Are About 41 Km, When Is Happy Here. This Discomfort Is, Run A Few More Steps Forward, Just A Few Steps Away From The End, Then This Feeling.

I Now Live In Three Things: Running, Reading (Writing), Yoko Workshop.

Read Running The Two Special Things Like, Always Said That Traveling Thousands Of Miles To Read Thousands Of Books Before, This Is A Very Wonderful Thing.

China’S Education But In Fact The Lack Of Reading, Are Designed To Test. I Will Start By Looking At A Directory, And Focus On Some Sections. Second Set Of Requirements, Required Every Month To Read A Book, It Is Not Difficult, As Long As The Addiction To Quit Every Day For Half An Hour Watching The Micro-Letter On The Line.

Reading Demands Discipline, Marathon Also Requires Self-Discipline, Requires Not Smoke Drinking Do Not Violate The Laws Of Life, These Things I Bring Nourishment And Yoko Workshop. Entrepreneurship Needs To Constantly Develop Their Vision, Energy, And Make Themselves Resistant To Pressure, Entrepreneurship Is Something One Needs To Deal With Torture. Books Can Bring More Nutrients To Your Stuff.

Entrepreneurship Is A Gradual Process Of Establishing Resources, The Accumulation Of Resources. I Scratch Co-Founded Beijing Capital Land, And From The Annual Sales Of 4 Billion To 20 Billion Beijing Vanke. I Have To Put Like Your Own Business. But In The Past, If The Last Of The Harvest, That Is Ever Made So Little Things, Trust With The Community.

Yoko Works Again, I Begin This Amazing Journey: From 0 To 1.

Why Middle-Aged Business? Have To Say That A Friend Of Mine, Is Xu Xiaoping Teachers. New Oriental Listed That Year, He Left The Company Worth Tens Of Billions Of, Became A Billionaire. At That Time, Xu Xiaoping Teacher Has More Than 50 Years Old, Man, A Lot Of People Thought He Was Going To Retire. But Unexpectedly, He Began Serious Fund And Play Anything. I Remember Actually Fund Dinner, We Combined To Offer A Song Of The Sea.

Fate Allowed Him To Make Another Great Cause. He Helped Pioneer, Doing Their Angel Investors, Investment Out Of The Orchid Pavilion Fairs, Jiayuan, Ju Mei Products, Such As Excellent Company, Helped Countless Young People To Realize Their Entrepreneurial Dreams. From Education And Training, To Make Angel Investments, These Are Two Completely Different, I Believe, Professor Xu Xiaoping’S Attitude Also Has A Zero Process.

The Exploration Of The Unknown, Of Life And Constantly Forge Ahead, Way Ahead Is My Pursuit. I Think Life Experience Is An Attempt, In This Process, Often View The Wang And Ma, Knowing That They Will Not Be Easy. People Are So Over, And Many Even Left The Name, Fails. Interesting But It Is Still There, Man Is Because Of This, The Challenge Of The Unknown, The Self Challenge, Can Continue To Break Through, Reaching New Heights, The Progress Of Human Society.

Runs More Slowly, To Be Able To Run Farther, To Define A Life Experience.

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