Krypton evening news | Long lines outside the Apple store is gone; Shanghai stop virtual tokens “currency trading”; drama pay limit order issued


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iPhone 8 went on sale today, Apple store this scene awkward

once, a number of “Apple” for the first time to get the new iPhone would stay up all night to wait. Embarrassing is Beijing time September 22, at 8 o’clock in the morning, Apple iPhone 8/8 Plus officially went on sale. Outside the Apple store in Beijing China Center as early as the handful of consumers pick a store, originally set up to facilitate line railing becomes useless, and staff had to be removed.

fell: stock or the lowest listed first week iPhone

unless Apple shares on Friday rose 1.4%, or else it will hit since its release in 2007 since the first generation iPhone, Major market a week before the worst stock price performance. Why this is the case, mainly because the company’s unsatisfactory evaluation of new products currently available. As of Thursday’s close, the shares fallen 4.1% this week. According to FactSet data, unless the Friday rally, or will a new iPhone before listing the biggest drop of the week.

Apple Pay almost 1700 stores owned by Aldi supermarkets support

Tencent technology reported, citing foreign media news, iPhone and Apple Watch users in the Aldi supermarket Apple Pay pay, This marks Apple’s mobile payment service in its expansion and a significant step forward on the road. Aldi is a food-oriented supermarket chain operating in Germany, currently has almost 1700 stores in the United States.

other than Apple Pay, turning him into the extended payment services include Google and Android Pay the purse, which means most people based on NFC payment system can be in does not swipe or insert easy to use mobile phones to pay with credit card. Checkout payment terminals will also support contactless bank cards and credit cards and wearable devices like Apple Watch NFC support.


after the purchase of whole foods, Amazon let go into the wine field

liquor delivery services has been considered an area that is protected from the effects of Amazon, Amazon did not pounce on the wine service for a long time. But in the end of August, Amazon with Prime Now services, expanding the wine delivery service covering the urban area. Amazon links have tied up with the acquisition of Whole Foods, the current three-tier distribution system for wine industry will also impact, to subvert the wine area of influence should not be underestimated.

Amazon build Amazon Live provide goods using live teaching services

Tencent technology, citing foreign media reported that the online retail giant Amazon is building a video services into the shopping experience-focused startups Amazon Live。 This week, Amazon began recruiting a large number of user experience designers for the Amazon Live. It is reported that the plan was one of Amazon’s new strategic initiatives, and strongly supported by the company’s management.

there are currently on the Amazon product marked “Amazon Live” label, most of which were with video guide to beauty products. This video is similar to Facebook, YouTube and common beauty products demonstrated on Instagram. Meanwhile Amazon spokeswoman also said, this service was not first, but joined the Amazon Live streaming the live shopping experience.

Wal-Mart testing new delivery service, employees will travel to the customer’s home to fill their refrigerator

according to foreign media reports, Wal-Mart is working through August with smart home security company to test delivery services. Wal-Mart hopes to use August advanced home monitoring technology to Silicon Valley residents to provide enough comfort and security, and hoped that their participation in the upcoming fridge/pantry delivery testing services.

it is reported that Wal-Mart customers needs since the company Web site. When the delivery man arrives and intelligent doorbell when the person doesn’t answer, they can pass to the customer in advance August authorized smart password locked enter your one-time password to enter the customer’s residence. Once the bell rang, homeowners will receive a smart phone notification, notifying them that the delivery is in progress. Then they can be integrated through a security camera systems from mobile phone watch in real time on delivery.

Facebook and Amazon is expected to bid for Premier League broadcasting rights

Tencent technology, citing foreign media reported that well-known club Manchester United in the Premier League’s Vice President Ed Woodward said in this week’s earnings reports, Amazon and Facebook are likely to join the race for Premier League broadcasting rights. As the world’s richest Soccer League, the Premier League is currently in a period of selling broadcast rights in 2018-2022. One of the most commercially valuable domestic broadcasting rights will compete in next year. National dissemination of the current Premier League rights belong to pay-television network Sky TV and BT. In the last three years, two companies pay today £ 5.1 billion (about 7 billion US dollars).

new financial: as the network urged Jia Yue Ting cash loan, SSE said it would continue monitoring

as the network early repayment of the first shareholder of Jia Yue Ting loans, regulators raised questions. As the network reply to inquiries publicly and previous loan and repayment conditions between Jia Yue Ting, Jia Yue Ting said it would supervise the holding shareholders continue to meet loan commitments. Shenzhen Stock Exchange responded 22nd, has details of control, depending on the network respond to CC Beijing securities regulatory Bureau Department of listed company supervision, according to the gem management approach to management, enterprise implementation of the follow-up decision. (Caixin online)

PayPal in cooperation with Scandinavian Tourism Bureau to promote Norwegian business

according to Xinhua News Agency, China mobile payment platform, Alipay and Scandinavian Tourism Bureau 21st issued a joint statement, the two sides will cooperate to promote Norwegian business. The statement said, according to the agreement reached between the two sides, Alipay will own mobile application and other channels to users to promote travel destinations in Norway, Scandinavian tourist board is committed to encouraging Norwegian merchants using Alipay mobile payment systems and marketing platform.


an insurance Hong Kong IPO to raise $1.5 billion, nearly 400 times times subscribed

according to Hong Kong media reports, an insurance deadline for Hong Kong IPO subscription 22nd at noon, Priced at HK $59.7, located in the upper limit and release 199.3 million shares to raise $1.5 billion. Chung offered a portion of insurance recorded nearly 400 times oversubscribed, freeze 200 billion yuan in the market, is expected to be nearly two years highest over-subscription shares on the Hong Kong market.

super high-speed Hyperloop One refinancing, valued at over 700 million dollars

super high-speed rail company announced Hyperloop One get a new round of financing of $85 million, Their financing has been as much as $245 million to date, valuations are over $700 million. Before announcing the get this round of financing, Hyperloop began One Executive discussion to the actual construction phase. In an interview, Chairman of the rugged Val says: “Hyperloop One have seen the dawn of the super high-speed rail business. We want to become an intellectual property company that helped thousands of global companies in the local construction of the future super high-speed rail.

Dragonfly FM completed a new round of financing totaling over 1 billion, investors BAT shape

according to three intelligence agencies, public messages, audio networking platform Dragonfly FM has been performed for a sum of more than 1 billion of the new round of funding. Refresh the current Internet audio for single-round record. According to sources from investing institutions confirmed that this round of investment from the BAT, head of cultural Fund and funded by the Central Treasury Fund. But the list has not been disclosed. Dragonfly FM was established in 2011, is the first in the form of Internet radio provides users with mobile audio audio content service platform.

ailuoke a strategic air Baidu A+ turn tens of millions of Yuan investment

9 21st ailuoke aviation establishment anniversary. Data integration from industry newcomers to grow into the air service provider, ailuoke business every step of the way has been the industry’s attention and capital appreciation. On the occasion of the second anniversary of the, strategic investment ailuoke Baidu + in turn tens of millions of Yuan, the two sides also will expand the depth of cooperation in the field of dimensional data. (SINA)

drug development company Bellen RMB 250 million b round of financing, to create small molecule drug discovery and development integration platform

medical research CRO/ CMO Bellen announced completion of 250 million RMB b round of financing, integration services to support chemical synthesis of small molecule drug discovery and development platform of the building. In this round of funding by the Prince Lian Yi-kang and Jin Qichen lead investor, Fiji key toughness, fortune and the sports world and other investors to vote. In July 2016, Bellen just won from the Qing controlled Ginkgo biloba Fund of RMB 50 million series a financing. Of macromolecular drugs drugs drugs and small molecules, respectively, also involving various aspects of chemical synthesis, biosynthesis, agents, Bellen part focused on the chemical synthesis of small molecule drug development.

use neuroscience and AI to help you find work, Pymetrics received $8 million financing

American company Pymetrics using artificial intelligence and neural science games to help users match the most suitable job. The company announced the completion of $8 million in financing, Jazz Venture Partners lead investor, new investors Workday Ventures and previous investors Khosla Ventures, Randstad Innovation Fund and BBG Ventures investment.

video content fast track approach links the b side, play video has done tens of Pre-A round

3 recently, ToB new retail provider of short videos, video has to be completed by the end of 16 Pre-A of tens of rounds of financing, AC accelerator in this round of financing lead investor, the Eagles Fund, capital, barbarian fund investment. One is imported, provides products for small b video; the second is the retail entrance, activities based on line stores video; services Commission to provide video production services for the first stage settlement patterns. Third, customized value-added services, mainly for big b shooting video the entire channel of distribution.

the former Group Executive Business Intelligence A+ round container tomato, valued at over 300 million Yuan after the vote

36 krypton was informed, intelligent tomato container operator, recently finished A+ round of financing tens of millions of Yuan, lanchi ventures lead investor, IDG capital with this vote, After you complete this round of financing companies valued at more than 300 million Yuan. This was accomplished in one short month of its third round of financing, after former COO Gan Jiawei, invest in Angel rounds, IDG capital led, UK Snow Angels with shots a round.

connecting block chains and external data, ChainLink was $32 million financing

block chain Corporation ChainLink $32 million in financing has been completed by ICO. ChainLink with block chain “smart contracts” middleware call the external data. Also known as smart contracts for contract, block chain is one promising application of technology. It allows businesses and individuals to establish service level agreements with each other. However, these blocks chain scenario, is still too far away, block chain does not have the means to do this step, because the block chain is no way to secure access to a broad range of external data. ChainLink ready to change this situation. It wants to contract makers to provide network-wide database, or call it a credible external databases.


this smart desk station not only by you, and also embedded an Intelligent Assistant to take care of your daily life

Focus on Office Automation of Autonomous artificial intelligence company released an updated version of the smart desk, table height with our posture is adjusted automatically, and can also help us provide food, Uber, reminders for charging the mobile phone … … Office life are taken into account as if they were a lovely virtual assistant. SmartDesk3 smart desk based on user’s position (station) automatically adjust the desktop height. It consists of two linear actuators and power double motor design, available from your desktop 24-inch (60 cm) up to 50 inches (127 cm). In addition, the desk can be carried at a rate of 6 cm per second lifting 300-pound thing.

Special Samsung C8 to go on sale in China: 1999

Special Samsung C8 China suning, the Beijing Platform and offline stores starting in the East, a total of two versions. 3+32 cost 1999, 4+64 at $2399. This was Samsung c-series phone the lowest price. Samsung Galaxy C8 features a full metal body, consistent with the appearance of the previous generation C7, different is that it comes with dual cameras. The aircraft with Jet Black, maple leaf gold and three colors of rose powder. Specifications, with 5.5-inch 1080P display, powered by mediatek Helio P25, the battery capacity is 3000mAh support fingerprint and face recognition features. With 13 million + 5 million pixel dual camera with rear, black and white + color scheme F1.7 aperture supports portrait background blur. Pre-16 million pixels, and is equipped with soft light.

the Russian media: Russia’s dual-screen phone YotaPhone 3 listing in China

according to Russian news reports, the third generation YotaPhone dual-screen Smartphone has been on sale in China, whose main selling point is the e-ink screen on the back of the fuselage. Russia YotaPhone 3 home screens for a 5.5-inch full high definition color display. YotaPhone 3 of the manufacturer to emulate Apple, cancelled the headphone jack. New phones running the memory 4GB, memory 64G and 128G two versions of the fuselage, and is equipped with a 13 million-pixel camera on the back and front of 12 million pixel camera, 3200 mAh batteries make this phone has some power.

tide science and technology

seismic artifact of China’s rocket technology research and development, offsetting 80% seismic energy

new bearings in the superstructure and increased isolation between layers of Foundation, install rubber bearing, Realization of soft ground connections, through such technologies can be counteracted by about 80% seismic energy. This seismic technique inspired by the research and development of solid rocket engine designer. (Science Daily)

stuck to the sharks a lift! Foreigners taken aback by Beihang University new robot

underwater robot soon could each hitch to sharks or whales, thanks to a Bionic suction cup can be attached to the shark’s skin or other surface. This sucker is manufactured by Wenli, associate professor at Beihang University teacher teams, Wenli said: “under the premise of not hurting these animals, scientists can, attached to the robotic animals, and recording data. “This sucker was designed to be attached to the moving surface, such as a shark, even sharks in high speed turning or moving, suction cups can be operated.

other notable news

show limits pay double RUO Zhuo has come, sky-high salaries can really govern?

the TV series actor price paid and other turmoil, today, China Radio, film and television society television production Committee of the Federation Federation of social organizations, China Radio, film and television actor, China TV production industry association, China Association of audio-video program services jointly issued the Views on television network drama production cost allocation. The opinion states that, film and television production sector to actor salaries within reasonable limits, all actors always paid cannot exceed the total cost of the production 40%, which cast no more than 70% of the total fee.

the Shanghai stop virtual tokens “currency trading”, Exchange executives meet in Shanghai you want return

Shanghai halted currency trading between the Yuan and at the same time, currency trading was halted, or between various virtual currency transactions. This also means that currency related transactions in the secondary market are banned. In addition, Shanghai, in principle, require a virtual currency platform of Exchange and the ICO Executive (including head of physical control, shareholders, financial and technical) in Shanghai in the near future, with the return activity. (Surging News)

tourism growth in China will surpass the United States in the next decade

according to the world travel and Tourism Council forecasts, from 2017 to 2027, average annual growth of China’s tourism industry will reach 8%, More than major economies such as India and the United States. The upcoming national day holiday tourism development of China will be one of the most important parameters. According to the Chinese tourism Academy forecast national day people will reach 710 million passengers this year, a 10% increase over the same period last year. (Bloomberg)

streaming media service finally brings to the music industry: revenue growth for the first time in 20 years

according to BI Chinese reports, music streaming service and finally brought a glimmer of hope for the music industry. According to the recording industry association of America, a Midyear report shows first half of 2017, retail revenue increased 17% from recorded music from music streaming websites accounted for 62% of the total market. According to the IFPI said music industry trade organization, the industry’s total sales fell sharply from $40 billion in 1999 to 2014 to $14.5 billion. In 2016, the total sales amount is still only a fraction of the peak, but at least now you are on the rise, according to some indicators to measure, which is revenue in the sector returned to growth for the first time in nearly 20 years.

set two major airport in Shanghai drone restricted flying areas: scope of implementation to specific streets, towns

Shanghai Civil Aviation Authority said, according to the civil aviation authority rules on UAV flight region, Shanghai has issued the On Shanghai Airport obstacle limitation surfaces within the scope of the protection of unmanned aerial vehicles flying, non-circular (hereinafter referred to as the notice), obstacle limitation is set for the Pudong International Airport and HongQiao airport protection, limited fly range into the street and town. Established Shanghai Pudong, HongQiao airport two drones no fly zone, in which Hung Ming lantern, balloons, also cannot be placed.

ICO project in Shanghai more than 90% has been basically completed return, began to return customer funds

currently associated ICO distribution platform project issued more than 90% has been basically completed return, Related coins virtual currency trading platform also presents exit, and to carry out customer funds, assets return work. (View on the news)

the McKinsey report: three new vehicles sales worldwide will have a car from China

McKinsey report the tides of the new consumer: face to face with a new generation of car buyers predicted that, in the foreseeable future, China’s auto market will remain the main engine of global growth. Between now and 2022, the compound annual growth rate of China’s market will be maintained at 5%. Tepid growth for China, but contribute to the 53% of global market growth. In other words, the global one in every three new cars were sold from China. By contrast, the United States and Europe and other developed markets or contraction or stagnation in the same period. (The economic observer)

procuratorial daily: real “expression” infringement and violating the law risk to abuse

2016 in December, “art long travel network” was used in a Twitter “GE you lie” GE portrait pictures Actor GE you company to court it, and demands its immediate cessation of violations of the right behavior and an apology and compensation for the economic losses. In addition to GE you, the teacher, often make expressions with Yao and Zhou Jie, Jacky Cheung, Huang Zitao, they actually like GE you, the teacher, is can be prosecuted for infringement liability. (Procuratorial daily)


logically Cao Guoxiong: consumption upgrade will be born more than one giant in the field, investments focused on many of faster, better and cheaper

sound , Is a specialized investment and trans-cultural fund, by Cao Guoxiong and financial writer, Xiaobo Wu, Chairman of the PricewaterhouseCoopers Group jointly established, mainly covering consumer upgrades, pan-cultural, educational, and sports four tracks. Cao Guoxiong believes that investing in this four-track is a internal logic. First of all, this four-track core consumer, consumption of consumer upgrade products, recreation, education and sports is the most important chunks of the service consumption. In addition, investment, entertainment, education, sports is to actual consumption upgrade to find the entrance. Under the trend of Internet traffic, entrance to the Center, began to become a distinguished crowd and became the new entrance.

investment in each track, and logically also summed up a set of their own investment logic. In entertainment, more optimistic about industrial production capacity of the team, in terms of new media pay more attention to the ability to output high quality content; the consumer sector, consumer upgrade is not more expensive, the better, but more economical results; in the field of education, K12 is a potential market for high-end private education and sports tracks, C-Terminal user logically the most important incremental market participation in mass sports consumption.

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