“Iron man” how? Musk transboundary legend


and what is Elon Musk can’t do it?

as space exploration company SpaceX and electric car company Tesla’s CEO, founder of The Boring Company, artificial intelligence, co-founder of the non-profit organization OpenAI, Musk’s figure seems to be everywhere, He promoted the progress of some incredible new technologies at the same time. He has said that we can escape from Earth, prior to colonizing Mars, he is not going to feel happy and satisfied.

space rockets, electric vehicles, solar cells, super high speed rail and in the process earned billions of wealth, said Musk is the reality of life’s “iron man”.

Musk’s life is not easy, however. This article is about how he was a school infringe pupils step by step to grow one like the only science fiction appear as two of the CEO of a large company, in the process he suffered almost bankruptcy crisis.

on June 28, 1971, Elon Musk was born in Pretoria, South Africa.

according to Musk’s father said, Musk when introverted, thinking.

“when we all gathered in a big to enjoy leisure time, drinking and talking when talking about football and other sports, you will find Musk has quietly found the party host’s private study, a person in that silent reading. “The electrical engineer Errol Musk Musk’s father, recalled.

Musk’s mother was a professional dietitian and model.

(Maye MuskMaye Musk)

Musk mother Maye Musk is Canadian, she had boarded in the Special k cereal box and the cover of time magazine.

after her parents divorced in 1979, at the age of 9 Musk and his brother, Kimbal decided to live with dad.

(and his brother Kimbal Musk)

1983 year 12 Musk developed a name for itself “Blastar” games for $500 were sold to “PC and Office Technology” magazine, earning the first bucket of gold in one’s life.

Musk later recalled: “it was a very simple game, but it’s certainly better than Flappy Bird. “

However, Musk, students still life didn’t go well, and he had been beaten by some ruffian in the school to the hospital.

according to AshLee Vance wrote a book called Elon Musk of Tesla, and SpaceX, and the pursuit of the future described in the book, ruffian and Musk threw down several flights of stairs and began beating him until he fainted.

after high school, Musk moved to Canada, studying in Beijing, Kingston, Ontario Queen’s University for two years.

Musk moved to Canada with his mother Maye, sister Tosca live with brother Kimbal.

but he is done at the University of Pennsylvania’s school and got a degree in physics and economics.

(2012, Musk at the Caltech commencement speech)

when studying at the University of Pennsylvania, Musk and a fellow student he rented a 10-room house, and turned it into a nightclub.

Ado Ressi Musk and his classmates in the business, can be said to be his first startup test.

after graduating from the University of Pennsylvania, he went to Stanford University to study for a doctorate, but haven’t started leaving.

after he spent two days in California, decides to chance at the beginning of the dotcom boom and a dip. Since then, Musk and never returned to Stanford to complete his PhD.

With his brother Kimbal Musk unveiled the Zip2, which is a media development company of online content publishing software to help traditional media content and publish information to the Internet platform, which also contains the function of yellow pages and white pages.

(Elon Musk’s brother Kimbal Musk)

supported by the brothers ‘ father founded Zip2 US $28,000, at the New York Times and the Chicago mail are musk brothers customers.

when Zip2 ‘s business began to pick up when Musk live at the Office every day, shower bath, it would go to the local YMCA.

Musk’s hard work paid off. In 1999, the US computer maker Compaq to 3. $700 million in cash and US $34 million stock options acquired Zip2, Musk at the age of 28 years old from a profit of $22 million.

later, Musk founded an online banking company X. com.

(Peter Thiel, Elon Musk)

Musk was founded in 1999, invested $10 million x. com. A year later, x. com and founded by Peter Thiel, another financial startups Confinity merge, the combined company changed its name to PayPal.

Musk was appointed CEO of the merged PayPal. However did not last long.

(ex-CTO Max Levchin of PayPal)

2000-year in October, the co-founder of PayPal, he launched a fierce in-fighting, Asking them to bring their servers from the free Unix operating system to Microsoft Windows systems. In this regard, the PayPal co-founder and CTO at Max Levchin strongly disagreed.

when Musk to Australia on vacation, PayPal, Musk sacked the Board of Directors, appointed Peter Thiel as CEO.

“this is holiday problems that may occur,” Musk later in an interview with Fortune magazine, recalled in 2000 when he brought bad luck for the holiday.

but things are not so bad. When eBay bought PayPal in 2002, he made a fortune from it.

as the single largest shareholder of PayPal and eBay in the $1.5 billion deal to buy PayPal, Musk from a profit of $165 million.

before the sale of PayPal, Musk has begun preparations for his next adventure, including plants of domestic rats sent to Mars crazy plan.

as a loyal fan of science fiction, Musk has even tried to buy decommissioned Soviet missiles. But Russian sellers each missile for $8 million or more, Musk believes that with less money, he will be able to create their own missiles.

2002 year, Musk started space exploration technologies Corporation (Space Exploration Technologies, known as SpaceX).

Musk’s goal is to space transportation costs are reduced 10 times.

The first SpaceX rocket is based on the Star Wars “Millennium Falcon ship” named after him.

(Space x Falcon 9th airship)

of these rockets were named Falcon 1th 9th spacecraft spacecraft, the Falcon.

another early spacecraft is named after songs of the Dragon puff.

(Dragon spacecraft Space x)

will ship named “Dragon” spaceship was for people who had questioned his response, sceptics say SpaceX will never be able to send rockets into space.

SpaceX’s long-term goal is to make the cost of colonizing Mars people can afford.

Musk said that in the “Mars colonial transport” unable to do routine transport flight, SpaceX will not apply for IPO.

in addition to colonizing Mars, Musk on Earth exploration and efforts have not stopped, particularly his Tesla electric car project.

(Tesla co-founder Martin Eberhard)

2004 year, Musk first invested in the electric-car company Tesla. Tesla was founded by Martin Eberhard and other joint company, Musk total to invest $70 million in Tesla.

Musk at Tesla played a very active role in product development, helping the company developed the first electric Roadster Roadster.

(the Tesla Electric Roadster Roadster)

electric Roadster Roadster was launched in 2006, when Musk served as Chairman of Tesla, is now the CEO of Tesla.

doing all these seem to be unable to Musk meet, so he had the idea of a solar SolarCity.

(Lyndon Rive, Elon Musk, co-founder of SolarCity)

2006 year, Musk gave his cousin Peter and Lyndon Rive company working capital, they officially launched the SolarCity project.

back to the Tesla, the fact that companies didn’t go very smoothly.

Eberhard when, as Tesla’s CEO, company burn speed is also faster than the money. In 2007, Musk launched a boardroom coup, first remove Eberhard CEO position, and then he completely expelled from the company’s Board of Directors and management.

2008 year, as the financial crisis has severely limited his choices, Musk has to sell himself, used personal funds to Tesla rescued from the verge of bankruptcy.

Musk, Tesla voted for $40 million, and loans to more than 40 million dollars for the company. The same year, he was appointed CEO of Tesla.

for hand operation of SpaceX, Tesla and SolarCity none of these items are not expensive, Musk is facing bankruptcy.

he described 2008 as “the darkest year of my life.” Tesla continued losses, SpaceX Falcon launch 1th rocket also has a great deal of frustration. By the year 2009, Musk had to rely on loans to survive.

at this time, Justine Musk and his wife divorced.

(Justine Musk Musk and his ex-wife)

Musk and Justine were gave birth to 6 children. Justine is a Canadian writer.

2008 year around Christmas, the situation began to improve.

this time, Musk ushered two good news: first, successful SpaceX and NASA signed a contract worth up to 1.5 billion dollars, the contract was launched by SpaceX rocket transport materials into space. Second, Tesla found a more willing to invest in their own investors.

by the year 2010, the crisis situation has completely reversed, Tesla’s successful IPO.

in June 2010, Tesla’s IPO raised $226 million, as the first listed since 1956 Ford car company.

in order to resolve a personal financial crisis, Musk sold $15 million worth of stock.

Musk’s legendary career has caused wide public concern in other industries, especially in Hollywood.

(Musk in “iron man 2” with small with Robert Downey and Gwyneth Paltrow)

Robert Downey Jr plays a role in iron man Tony Stark in part to Musk as the prototype, Musk also makes a cameo appearance in iron man 2 role.

historically, Musk’s personal life is very rich.

(Musk, together with actress Talulah Riley)

2008 year, Musk begins to associate with actress Talulah Riley. They were married in 2010 and 2012. In July 2013, they remarried. In December 2014, Musk again submitted a petition for divorce, then withdrew his application. March 2016, Riley filed for divorce, in October of that year, both finally completed the divorce.

love life stir constantly, but sailed through in particular, SpaceX.

by the end of 2015, SpaceX has completed 24 space missions, including transporting supplies for the international space station materials, and in the process created a lot of new records. In 2016, the SpaceX Falcon 9th spacecraft successfully completes reusable orbital rocket landing on the water.

Musk did not stop the exploration of new ideas. His latest project is a super high-speed rail project Hyperloop.

this is a super high speed train travelling in the vacuum pipe, in theory, Hyperloop within 30 minutes just transport passengers from Los Angeles to San Francisco. Musk is letting other companies develop their own versions of the super high speed rail.

recently, Musk founded a new company: The Boring Company, in fact behind the name of the company rather than the company name (boring company) is much more interesting.

Boring Company was founded last year, the company’s mission is to dig a tunnel underground in the city and the surrounding network, so as to ensure smooth high speed super high-speed rail travel. Musk said he had spoken with the White House were discussed and planned in New York and Washington, d. C. the construction of an underground tunnel between, for super high speed rail travel.

2015 the end of the year, Musk co-founded AI OpenAI non-profit organization dedicated to research in artificial intelligence, ensure that artificial intelligence will not destroy humanity.

Musk fear artificial intelligence competition could eventually lead to World War III.

though he worried that artificial intelligence could be hazardous to humans, Musk is still increasing drone function of Tesla Motors.

(Tesla Model 3)

of Tesla’s “autopilot” system can be used for all three models, including the latest Model 3. Model 3 is early this year launched a lower-priced version of the car, making companies from realizing “so that the public can afford electric car” took a step closer to your goal.

last year, Tesla for $2.6 billion takeover of SolarCity.

the acquisition makes Musk green technology products in its two together.

presentation of Musk’s legendary life and finally share a bit of chicken soup dry goods. Musk and management companies, working 100 hours a week, you wonder, how did he do it?

see below 6 effective habits of Musk:

(1) insisted on using “mail” to communicate.

because the message does not need to reply in a timely manner, which is why he rarely used the phone, because these will interrupt the high status of Musk. And Musk 80% communication is a creative work, such as engineering and design, to ensure that flow is the most efficient way.

Musk has said joking, this is my core competency.

(2) minimize the invalid social.

Musk does not easily see people outside the company, or even a complex email address he used to avoid wasting time sorting mail.

(3) keeping multiple tasks in parallel.

Musk like batch processing, for example, he will be on the phone to take care of business at a meeting; checking the invoices at the time when replying to a message when his children sit on his thighs to play with when he wrote the message (this last point rise to controversy).

(4) make full use of the “timeline”.

Musk has been keeping an extremely tight schedule, and is made up of the “5 minute” things. He one day will continue to optimize it. He said that the most important is to have a “feedback loop” (a Feedback Loop), you can continue to let you know how you, how you can do better. This is probably one of the best advice: always ask themselves a question: how to do better?

(5) the flat learning curve.

Musk believes that “first principles” (first principles), he always makes sure he knows most things behind the basic scientific principles or rules. This can reduce a lot of his time to learn the new concepts.

“first principles” way of thinking is to use the angle of looking at the world of physics, which means that layers of peeling the appearances of things, see the essence and nature from one layer upwards.

he had mentioned, the learning is by way of the tree of the knowledge of the most important, make sure you understand the basic principles, such as the establishment of good trunk and branches, and leaves before hanging up, you can’t put them together. Do not try to remember, but as much as possible to understand, when you understand, naturally you will remember.

(6) just enough time to sleep.

even if the Musk are so busy as long as 6 hours of sleep at night he can place full resurrection (mean 6-6.5h, 2013). In 2007, when Musk be so efficient depends on two things, the first is the desire to immigrate to Mars human, the second is caffeine. He drinks 8 cans a day (Diet Coke, like Coke zero, no heat dry, popular in the United Kingdom, a symbol of health-conscious beverage) coke and 2 cups of coffee

who always told you “no” or ” You will see later, such as “who just want to bring you down, make you talk to them the same person.

you may not necessarily want to Elon Musk works 100 hours a week (was said to have lasted 15 years time), but you can refer to the Elon Musk of time management to success you want to achieve in life.

finally ended with Elon Musk’s words: if something is important to you, even when everyone is against you, you should stick to it.

original link: http://www. businessinsider. com/the-rise-of-Elon-Musk-2016-7/#last-year-Tesla-bought-SolarCity-in-a-26-billion-Deal-38

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