Indonesia is the cash loan of blue ocean market? Rupiahplus from the blue collar, micro cash loans cut into the Indonesian market


Internet monetary tightening in China, Southeast Asia become the next market financial capacity output of Chinese Internet, Indonesia is one of them.

in the overall population, Indonesia accounts for half of the total population in Southeast Asia, but the relevant financial penetration is still very low. According to related statistics, 260 million people in Indonesia, bank debit card penetration is less than 36%, credit card penetration is not stock 2%. Private lending needs, mainly composed of small loan companies, auto loan, pawn shops, such as completed. And this is, Indonesia’s overall consumer awareness of the overall strong loan demand.

Internet financial heart of Southeast Asia, China, remains the financial products and risk control ability, cash loans the most typical. 36 krypton recently contacted Indonesian cash loan company Rupiahplus, the core members for the early wheat and gold clothing and into team, cut into the cash loan market in Indonesia.

Rupiahplus cut is a blue-collar market, according to the relevant data, Indonesia’s blue collar 19-27 the size of the population of 30 million, these people borrowing channels are limited. Rupiahplus of 7-14-day micro cash loans in the amount of 300-600, daily rates at 1%. Wang Yige, founder said in an interview with 36 krypton, early data validation, number in almost 1000 cases of lending, the cumulative loans 491,000, 14 days overdue rate lower than 10%.

Rupiahplus core is risk control advantages, in Indonesia’s financial environment, credit data for this population is limited, even third party credit data are more limited. Rupiahplus risk in the core of the fight against fraud, lies mainly in the identification, plus free to crawl Facebook social data, overall risk control process completed on the line. Wang Yige 36 krypton in an interview, said the local financial firms mostly stay on the PC side or artificial score card approval Rupiahplus the wind on efficiency and cost control has certain advantages.

data, data to the Rupiahplus have been included throughout the greater Jakarta area KTP (Indonesian identification) database (4500w), will in the future face recognition, accumulation of sample libraries.

at present, Rupiahplus-covered areas including Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya and other developed areas, lending time in 20 minutes or so, the user can complete all fill in the information in mobile terminal operations. Rupiahplus online 1 month GooglePlay platform, like downloads of more than 12,000, at an early stage cash loan platform, received a relatively low cost.

on the funding side, currently mainly with their own capital. Future with the compliance landing, and overseas banks or local P2P funding access.

regulation, Indonesia has been OJK (Indonesian Monetary Authority) approved the establishment, is applying for a licence. Licence applications need to be regulated under one-year compliance operations, there are 200 companies lining up in the licence is the company landed an important challenge.

in addition, the capital side is Rupiahplus need to face another problem. Local funding ends is relatively small, local P2P funding costs are relatively high, the future is expected to demand the United States employer or Bank funds, access funding ends.

in the 30% of our one-month interest rates, plus side, bad debts and the cost of funds, Indonesian single cash loan profit margins are relatively high. However, due to the smaller amount, need to quickly expand lending.

the team currently number around 30, founder of Wang Yige wheat earlier gold served 6 years of experience in financial products, risk and technical director Yin had previously worked for Tencent, Microsoft Research Asia, point into, and so on. Company 01:4 million angel round of venture financing, is currently demand Pre-A round of financing.

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