How smart people are open to talk about a raise?


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you know, owner of a start-up company do what you fear most?

it goes without saying that certainly investor withdrawals.

did not think, I recently interviewed a startup owner, he is most afraid of is the core team to tell him a dignified face: boss, I want to have a Word with you … …

since, usually followed by, not leaving, talk about a raise.

but we round in fear and not afraid to say things with the boss, boss are afraid to face the situation. I am tempted to look at, business owner why be afraid?

after all, or else “he had no money,” or “you’re not worth”.

two piece is bad mouth it.

good boss to talk about money, bad boss to talk about feelings?

in a “he had no money,” the company, you fight hard, may also make the moment.

Yes, good money, bad boss to talk about feelings. But also better bosses cash in his pocket.

imidazole-covered but for imidazole and Inner Mongolia, her assistant at best, not 50,000 salary.

so when company performance is not very good, or in a fledgling startups, tho talk about a raise may be a very thing.

instead, contributions should talk with the boss at this time, discuss options, ask your boss be grateful for you, wait for Pocket money plus 10 times your money back later.

Conversely, why a person willing to take lower than market wages to a poor crash when a company?

nothing: he has no choice. He likes.

you want to experience the stimulation of start-ups and multidimensional, you have to change blood with the boss and the presenting of the world, you could not find in the market to look like each other, you have to accept the situation with little money from the bottom.

one of my startup for 8 consecutive years of University students, said

startup companies can’t touch the money, the rest are pretty good.

the land from the banks “took a taxi to the last drop,” Liu Qing, sitting in economy class, live in hanting, luxury brand bags are afraid to go to work.

is not high wages, but does not prevent them to be passionate, pay a near-normal diligence.

so if you enjoy the freedom and fun of working time, don’t tangle the problem of low wages.

even if you’re stuck, you know, your boss is probably can’t afford to pay.

if the performance is good, but embarrassing a year salary range or let you instantly have the wall of the heart, that you have to consider is “you’re not worth”.

the so-called “worth it”, is not necessarily your job seriously enough, performance is not bright enough.

may be your alternative, your core competence, or even your level of reliable decisions.

a veteran news editor mentioned that

excellent media prices are not priced by the media, is determined by the investment industry, PR, business units of large companies to price.

is not in the media world, one size fits all.

it’s cruel to say, your salary, and rationally should be slightly higher than the cost of change if you only.

if a lot higher, it must be you in this company there are no substitute for competence.

more cruel is that the world does not exist forever without alternative.

some time ago, a game company employees wife wrote a circle of friends crowding the screen article, accusing the company’s CEO worked hard together to start 7 years key personnel do not issue options as promised. Uproar in time.

one important technical staff, struggling with the boss and 7 years, would not achieve this is irreplaceable. So a small potato, but has struggled for a year or so with the boss, do not own “very valuable” three words have too high expectations.

“worth” the three words in 1000 people, 1000 count.

so, before the serious wants to raise you to the above two points there is a clear perception.

who makes you stupid Don' TS

even if you understand the above two points, many people still get into talking about salary expectations trap.

talk about salary, Don' TS really silenced Vikram’s summary, the lesson of blood and tears.

01. How much do you value money, boss well that

pay in HR that this thing can be said to be an open secret.

even which lazy HRD do not even do basic salary survey report, he would at least in the hiring of a candidate “current salary” glanced a glance at this bar.

so, how much money do you think you can get out, the boss did not know?

a person to pay, probably is within 30% of fluctuation in the market price. Therefore, the talks said “the student who graduated with me get to 10,000 wage” is completely underestimating your opponent’s performance.

every smart boss, in the case of cash in his pocket, will offer valuable employee a raise.

you walk in front of the boss too many statements on the market situation, but you are not doing things to spy.

02. Higher wages may also be a trap

high wages have an implicit transaction is, you may then have to pay is:

  • Daily stay up late-night overtime

  • high risk nature of the work

  • more dedicated dead brain cells project

  • more impossible KPI

even if this does not occur, you may face is that your salary from now on, all new Millennium do not rise. Boss will occasionally give you some “you should do a little more” whether explicitly or implicitly.

some people are reluctant to part with large companies with high wages and high welfare, results are safe and staying in a comfort zone, a bubble decade, every minute lost competitiveness in the market.

is likely to end up: at the age of 40, cost far less young people inadvertently appeared on the layoff list.

high pay is if you value, that is, egg; if you are worth, that is the big hole.

maybe a few years, waiting for you to hit the legendary self-evident ceiling, give you a higher salary, you could stand that wants to challenge and battle of the heart.

03. Do not take my bridges warranted reasons

no matter how many bridges and offer in hand you, self-congratulatory mood is your mortal enemy and points.

pay what is talking about? Opportunity.

but if you compare the posterior in front, then talk about pay what? As a threat.

you know, posterior reason to not give you any business payroll.

you have a posterior approach, companies.

even if this success, you chose to stay, that awful–

I think there is no boss to prevent you from now on, no, trust as before.

increase the success rate of Dos

on this matter though is a little salary negotiations, and its essence is a negotiation. Not ready for negotiations was doomed to lose.

a negotiating success is nothing more than the right time and to exactly in place.

what to do what is right?

 01. Find specific time

best on paid time, large projects is that you complete a stage, or to some of the more prominent contribution to the company.

the second, is to the development needs of a person in charge of a hot potato project, occasion of employment, and you’re fit.

came close again, when is the end of the communication, the boss asked do you have anything to say about it.

raises, in essence, represents recognition of your ability.

an injudicious praise in the past, but certainly the next.

output you either stay at the same level in the future, my salary is free to talk about it. So, on the occasion of proves that the future has the potential to, is the best on paid time.

the most clever timing, was at the time those teams the most liquid.

that really amounted to a kick, even got a raise, it will inevitably fall can’t erase the stain all his life.

 02. Emphasizes the positive impact on the team

many times, bosses consider the angle is more of a whole team, not a person.

or even pay for one person, another person may think others will swarm and headaches for a long time.

so, you know, walk into your boss’s mental world.

reiterate your forms of pay increase is a role model, after promised a raise can do more work in team management, is a very good argument.

 03. We are not talking about money, we are talking about performance, workload, and promotion

I remember there was this one time, a smart staff talked to me about salary, not mentioned a word at all.

she started, they told me that new year’s resolution, in preparation for which projects and things.

a list of potential evidence and they used to do.

talked about has been working in the company for many years, although implementation is the most boring, or try to do our best.

Finally, talked to me about whether to give her take on more leadership work, she’ll go all out.

such talk quite clever-salary-high emotional intelligence, tact.

even though I can’t help her fight for better jobs and wages, will also benefit from training, opportunity and development to leave more room for her.

founder Ding Lei of NetEase said:

the purpose of doing business not just to make money, make money is just a passing thing.

money brings happiness even to 5% per cent, after a number of money, is not on the quality of life has changed little.

Although local you can selectively believe that, but I’m seriously, said:

most of the ideal boss, who indeed is such an idyllic painting.

there is a poem in a remote high ideals, is their real pursuits.

so, if you talk about salary, to talk about how to help their poems and the distance, not to ramble on in front of you drift along.

that you can’t afford to buy Hermes, also can’t afford mortgages back, and no one cares.

your KPI value, reputation, and your future, is the real salary increase passes.

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