HJ with FTA funds and Wan new media strategic partnership, while overweight “AI + education”


HJ in 2017 strategic Conference yesterday referring to two key words: ecological and intelligent.

build ecological Internet education, the team officially announced and the FTA funds, Anhui new media strategies the three parties in the capital, industry funds and education resources in depth cooperation, bring into play their respective advantages. FTA fund operation and management experience, can provide our portfolio companies with funding, policy interpretation, the industrial chain match and other value-added services. Anhui province to serve as the core of the new media, covering lifelong learning from traditional textbooks publishers transition to the digital platform. HJ 150 million studying the user lots of learning data in the platform, which can nurture their own product design, business development of other organs can also contribute to ecosystem.

established by the Tripartite Industrial Fund will support the hujiang layout education Internet education industry especially in mergers and acquisitions Internet vertical quality enterprise in the field of education. in the past year, the team finished nearly 20 educational strategies in the field of investment, including international trading platform italki language teaching platform for cross-border services, global students myOffer, Secretary exam training institutions around all public education. These investments, makes the team more complete product matrix or HJ from a platform of “change” become ecological circle in the Centre.

according to reports, the team will focus on education in the future eco-focus on the development of two major businesses: HJ school online-B2C business (more like Beijing East) and CCtalk-oriented platform for business (more like Taobao).

CCtalk since 2016 4th quarter operating independently from language teaching tools developed into a category-wide interaction platform (where these 38%), existing for more than 30,000 teachers and the moving in of thousands of content providers, educational institutions, teachers earned millions on the platform. Hujiang Lu Jian, Chief Executive, said, CCtalk has started independent financing schemes using capital power amplifier platform, help teachers and better development, promoting the educational process of the Internet industry as a whole.

the team throughout the product line in the accumulation of huge amounts of data, an ultimate intelligent “nutrients”. Tohmatsu, partner and COO Li June said, the team has been the intelligent Learning Lab (HILL), the next step will be “all in AI to create smart education innovation engine “. HILL explore application of pedagogy, psychology and computer science in the field of education, hope, in essence changing the learning path, provide a scale of personality teaching.

meeting, Li June showed off two of HILL’s latest product “alumni” and “Fame”. “Alumni” is a HILL with CCtalk launched the Intelligent Assistant, based on a deep understanding of user habits, accurate answer student questions, building learning communities, guide to CCtalk teachers, students do not need to install other applications, can also directly concerned, about class, classes, find a study partner. “Hall effect” by HILL and the Face++ open in the cooperative development, using natural language analysis and computer vision technology, information such as the students ‘ various emotions and attention in class, students help teacher learning, and help them improve and grow (similar to learning and thinking school IDO2.0 personalized learning systems).

the team also released the Uni and intelligent learning system Hitalk (Tang endorsement online spoken English brand), oral practice, HJ quiz every day applications such as data and adaptive intelligent educational products.

HJ, founder, Chairman and CEO Fu Cairui said the AI in foreign countries developing rapidly, more in conjunction with industry. In China, the education market, trade monopolies, the team not only as a business education, will also help address quality education with science and technology resources are scarce and the problem of imbalance. HJ 2 years ago launched an education project “cross + plan”, with a network share quality courses across the country, now cover more than 3,000 primary and secondary school in the country’s 30 provinces.¬†Internet can support the national growth of rural teachers, accurate data can help poverty alleviation, promote the development of education.

I’m Hao Fangzhou, focus on quality early in finance, education projects, plus micro-nooxika + name + please note company.

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