First steam about it “prepaid discount” sent an open letter in response to the storm: coupons made permanent, effective, to exit


recently, some netizens questioned the first steam about vehicles launched the “second anniversary of joy sent” Offers save ambiguity, say “charger 1000 by 2000” activities, but is a bunch of coupons, but only 3 months validity. 36 krypton learned that first steam about the car was given a new corrective measures, this activity coupon valid from December 31, 2017 to long-term effectiveness. If there are still users are not satisfied, may also opt out of participation, first steam about commitment to the corresponding refund formalities as soon as possible. Following is the full text of the open letter:

dear first steam about user:

coincides with the first steam about on-line 2 anniversary, we carried out a Lucky Day to buy tickets events, but because the activity is not in place, causing some users misunderstood We apologize for this.

first steam about cars as responsible, honest about car platform of the network, we always pay attention to fulfill their social responsibilities, resolutely safeguard users ‘ rights. For users concerned about the problem, we solemnly pledge:

the effective date of this coupon from the December 31, 2017 to standing.

second, users who have paid to participate in this event and wanted to quit, the first about the corresponding refund formalities as soon as possible.

it is important to note for anyone involved in the lucky draw of the rental car coupons, parking tickets are an extra bonus for overseas, welcome experience.


first steam about thanked customers for their support and love, we will, as always, for your travel convenience and comfort experience dedication, tireless efforts.


about technology (Beijing) limited September 22, 2017

I’m 36 krypton car team reporter Zheng Xiaokang, concerned about Tesla, drone, new energy cars, connectivity, travel and post market, welcome to contact me directly, micro-credit: 15735104947

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