Fear and the boss “talk”? 1 on 1 with the boss had to know the top ten common topic


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managers and staff through one-on-one interviews, is an opportunity to commune with staff thought they can also help companies operate more efficiently.

as an “efficient interview” model, executives from Fortune 500 companies are keen to employee “talking” to a better management team.

so, how will the supervisor and employee talk (1 on 1)?

let us look competent in “talk” during the top ten most chat problem now!

weekly waste you time is what

people always say their waste at work most of the time, data shows that 89% of people openly admit that their work is not only a waste of time and, in fact, seemingly productive “work” is “Futile”.

for example, in the eyes of employees

they have 2 hours a day doing some simple little repeated work

1.55 hours a day some meaningless meeting

their $1 wages, 250 of them to manage spam, $ 1,800 spent on unnecessary items and spent $4,100 on some meaningless on written communication.

what we should start doing as a team

at Harvard Business School (HBS) ·j· Professor Thomas DeLong (Thomas j. DeLong) says competent to ask the best questions of effective communication with the staff was: “what do you think you should start, what should stop doing and should continue to do. “

but many managers experience, employees are very difficult to directly tell their own ideas, so competent it is appropriate to adjust the question of law, changed” as a team “, and the problem will be more likely to get the answers to some employees.

at work you want me to give you more or less guidance

no one wants to be a “low official position”, but in General, Many employees are reluctant to tell their supervisors doesn’t need too much guidance. But this gives employees an opportunity to frankly tell their superiors, provided the leaders with some constructive comments at the same time wouldn’t hurt.

do you think you are on the effectiveness of your work enough? If not, where do you want to get more effective?

based on past experience, for example, employees get time to results and sometimes is more important than the desired effect. Wanted people to just start giving feedback is totally meaningless thing-unless it is very simple and get feedback effects, proofing things in a timely manner. So in a one-on-one interview process, employees make sure answers are some of the results.

is there anything else I can help you better in your work?

many executives got some lessons in his management career, doing some ineffective management. Turns out, for many executives, and 96% of the problem is they don’t know, or just know some innocuous questions. So this simple question lets employees opportunities to give their superiors 1% less ignorance, some valuable questions can be asked.

in your work, do you want more help or guidance?

good relationships in the workplace, managers and employees help each other. To some extent this problem is that employees had helped guide their managers of consciousness–a case of mutual help.

isn’t that an important question? Google do a double-blind study for many years and found that can distinguish an important standard for high performance manager and performance manager is the “teacher”, that is, those who help guide their employees.

you feel like you’ve got more than enough work yet

to the fourth question is like, but Director will not be asked to answer Yes or no such simple problem-unless he and his staff developed a close relationship, And only requires a few simple answers.

is in charge of actually asking, “what do you want most valuable achievements? “

how to upgrade our team

most managers say the most difficult part of the job is” people issues “. But one thing is for sure–if discussion with employees to discuss, many problems can be solved.

in their own private space at the same time, the two sides can better work with Frank talks about how unfair that can help managers find problems, but remember-the most difficult topics may be turning to the managers themselves, so employees need to be careful to answer.

1 10 minutes, give your work happiness a few minutes?

many executives like this, not because of the issue itself, but because it allows the competent thinking has a follow-up on this issue.

if employees answered “well … I think it is 7 “. Then managers can ask, “How can we make you get 8?” How do this does not mean that help employees well-being all of a sudden it went to 10, but would like to do some small things to help them to overcome certain problems, to help them solve some minor problems.

in the company’s strategy and goals, you don’t know what is?

in 2013 there is sad news: Researchers surveyed 20 employees of the company and let them choose from six options they know your company’s strategic goals, but only 29% chose the correct option.

This suggests that many employees don’t know your company’s overall strategic objectives, this is likely to be the company’s problems may be the company itself does not have a clear goal, perhaps not clearly conveyed to every employee. So a team of at least 70% people don’t know what kind of work environment, work without a purpose.

executives will often “effective 1 on 1” to talk to employees in the company’s overall development strategy, so as to enable employees to understand their position.

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