Cook: iPhone 8 sale conditions satisfactory, Apple watch are just minor problems


Editor’s Note: this article is from Tencent technology, compiled: the Golden deer, 36 krypton are authorized to publish.

according to foreign media reports, us local time September 22 is the first day of the official release of the iPhone and iPhone 8 Plus 8, Apple’s Chief Executive, Tim Cook (Tim Cook) for sale in the Apple store for a routine inspection. Although neither of the two new iPhone models listed as before as sales (because iPhone x will be available in November), but kukeyiran said: “we really are satisfied with today’s sale. “

Cook also admitted that Apple Watch Series 3 LTE network connection problems. But he argued: “this question is very small, it is fixed in a software update. This switches with Wi-Fi and cellular networks, and we will solve the problem. And it only occurs in very rare circumstances. I have been using Apple Watch Series 3 for a long time, its performance is very good. So we are not worried about that. “

earlier this week, some members of the evaluation test LTE network connectivity problems encountered while Apple Watch Series 3. Apple said the problem is not LTE connected Wi-Fi network but watchOS how to deal with the problem, software update will fix it soon. This problem seems to have affected sales, Cook said: “as we now see, Apple Watch Series 3 sold out LTE in many places around the world. We are trying our best to meet your needs. “

he also talked about the iPhone, consumers 8 and iPhone 8 Plus between and the iPhone to be introduced on November 3 x. He said: “our customers are smart, so they can decide what they really want. We try to help them and guide them in our store. I believe the operators to do the same thing. “Apple on October 27 will receive this new iPhone book. In a sense, iPhone iPhone 8 x not have much impact on the sales, production, after all, the former has only just begun.

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