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On September 14, The Artificial Intelligence’S Top Investment Firms Sequoia Capital China Fund And Integrity Fund Launched By The “Ai Tale” In Beijing Trip. This Ai-Themed Visit Trip Including Beijing And The Cities Of The Valley, In The Beijing Section, Member Depth Yao Ban Visits Today’S Headlines, Tsinghua University, University Of Flying, Front Companies And Institutions Such As Alibaba And Tencent’S Ai Laboratory.

Kui Zhou, A Partner Of Sequoia Capital China Fund

Partner Of Sequoia Capital China Fund Led Kui Zhou In Beijing Participating In The Visit. He Said That Organize Such An Event, The Original Intention Was To Members Of The Ai Field Of Sequoia Capital China Fund Investment Enterprise To Provide Practical And Effective Help, Organizers Had Done For Each Theme To Refine, Focus In The Hope That All Participants Points Of Interest More Focused, More Efficient Communication.

In Addition, During A Visit To The Advanced Artificial Intelligence Lab And Learn About Its Technical Progress At Home And Abroad At The Same Time, Kui Zhou Peer Venture Ceo/Cto Can Also Take This Contact And Visits Institutions And Laying The Foundation For Future Cooperation.

In Fact, Sequoia Capital China Fund Has Been Organized This Year 6, 7 Times After Similar Investment Services Activities. Kui Zhou Says Sequoia Capital China Fund Entrepreneurs Behind The Entrepreneurs, Through The Quality Of Exchanges Help Ceo Learned Business News And Ideas, People Who Know Best, Making The Most Accurate Business Judgments.

The Rise Of Today’S Headlines: The System Would Seem Self Development

In The New Office Building Located At Catic Plaza, Founder And Ceo Of Today’S Top Story Headlines And Yiming Zhang Ai Lab Director, Today’S Headlines Vice President Shared The Dr. Wei-Ying Ma.

Founder And Ceo Of Today’S Headlines Yiming Zhang

Yiming Zhang Introduced, Today’S Headlines, Ai Creation, Interaction And Distribution Of The Three Main Components Of All Play A Role. Ai Understand Content, Well Recommended, Help Content Creation More Efficient Content Management More Convenient.

Is His Thoughts On Ai: The Ai Technology With Its Own Network Effects, As Many People As Possible To Use, With A Longer More Useful, More Information, Enough Of Pattern Recognition, The More Accurate.

In His View, The Ai In Business Is Also Very Attractive. Recommendation Systems And Advertising, Whenever You Update A Model, It May Bring A Few Points Of Profit.

In Addition, We Understand That Today’S Headlines Are Not Only Ai R And Ai Product Exporter, The Company’S Management Also Uses A Lot Of Ai Techniques, Such As Recruiting Ai To Resume Screening And So On.

Today’S Headlines Vice President And Director Of The Ai Lab Ma Weiying

As Head Of Today’S Headlines Ai Laboratory, Dr. Wei-Ying Ma In Today’S Headlines From The Ai Lab’S Role And Action Points Of View Were Shared. When It Comes To Ai, He Says, Made Headlines On The Use Of Ai Technology Is “Beat The Dog With A Sledgehammer.” Many People Believe That Simply Reading In Fact, Don’T Use Too Much Ai Technology, But Through The Depth Of Excavation, In The Use Of Ai Technology Has Found Great Value In The Process. At Present, Today’S Headlines Start With Video Content, Mass Videos Uploaded Every Day. So, Using Ai Technology To Identify Video, Understanding Video Content Or Related Recommendations, Also Became A Technical Point To Be Resolved.

Today’S Headlines Are Now Using Writing Robot Based On Intelligent Algorithm, Introduced Dr. Wei-Ying Ma, Artificial Intelligence Is Now Available In The Financial Reports, Sports Coverage Areas Such As Automatic Creation, Content Comparable To Human Editors.

Had A Multi-Year Search Technology As Microsoft Veterans, He Said, He Realized Early, Narrow Your Search Of The War Would Be Over, Google And Baidu To Become A Winner. However, Now And In The Future, There Will Be A New Search Form.

Hua Yao Ban: Very Close Links With The Ai Industry

“Tsinghua Xuetang” (Yao Ban) By World Renowned Computer Scientist Andrew Chi-Chih Yao Academicians Founded In 2005, Commitment To Train And World-Class Universities Like Massachusetts Institute Of Technology, Princeton University Undergraduate Has The Same, Even More Highly Competitive Leading International Top-Notch Innovative Talents In Computer Science.

Andrew Chi-Chih Yao Is The Only Chinese Turing Award Winners, Is Also The World Of Modern Cryptography, Theoretical Computer Science, Founder Of Quantum Computing And Other Fields, Currently President Of The Tsinghua University Information Sciences. In 2004 He Quit His Tenure At Princeton University, As A Center For Advanced Study, Tsinghua University Professor Returning Home, And Opened The First Course In Computer Theory, Fundamentally Solid Theoretical Foundation Of Domestic Undergraduate Courses For Computer. Every Other Year And Founded The Now Famous “Yao Ban”, Produced A Large Number Of Computer Science In China’S Top Talent, Her Students Had At Home And Abroad All Key Areas Of Ai And Computer Science: Computer Programming, First Floor, China Tiancheng, And Open Technology Of The Three Founders Of Yin Qi, Yang Mu, Tang Wenbin Was Yao Ban Coming Out Of The Students. In February, He Give Up Their Foreign Nationality To Become Chinese Citizens With Chen Ning Yang, Into An Academician.

Hua Yao Ban, The Main Topic Of Discussion Was The Financial And Ai. Four Professors: Xu Ke, ‘ China, Jian Li, Xu Wei Around Ai And Financial Topics Are Conducted To Share. At Share, We Learn That Hua Yao Ban Artificial Intelligence Business Links With China Very Closely, With The Bat, Large Drops, Companies Have To Cooperate, Mostly In The Form Of Cooperation Projects To Complete.

Jian Li Professor Referred To An Interesting Question: Cheat Master Ai Driver Is Very High, Because The Technology They Use To Get The Returns Will Be Considerable Interest. This Technical Difficulty For Risk Control Requirements Is Proposed.

Hua Yao Ban Four Professors: Xu Ke ‘, And China, Jian Li, Xu Wei

University Of Flying Experience: Ai

After A Day Of Technology, Members In The Evening Of 14Th Division Entered The University Of Beijing. Flying In The University Vice President, President Of The Beijing Research Institute Valkynaz Before Sharing, We Sense The Hkust Fly Products, “Touch” To Ai: Flying Marking System And The Wisdom Of The Medical System Has Attracted The Attention Of The Members From Their Own Experiences, And Based On The Company’S Business, Presented Its Own Problems.

Subsequent Technical Reports Section, Wang Shijin Dean During A One-Hour Report, Addition Of Ai’S Latest Situation, Hkust Flying Voice Applications And Artificial Intelligence Technology, Depth Applied Some Of The Recommendations Also Focus On Artificial Intelligence.

Fly, Deputy Director Of The Institute, Beijing University President Wang Shi

In His View, There Is A Tendency Of Artificial Intelligence, Is The Key Technology Of The Hardware. Reflected In Defines Ai Artificial Intelligence Chip Industry Chain And Ecosystem Based Computing Architecture, Has A Strategic Position. Including Google, Ibm, Intel, Nvidia, Baidu, Huawei, The Chinese Academy Of Sciences In Layout Artificial Intelligence Chips.

Another Major Trend Is Technology Integration, Reflected In A Single Ai Theory And Methods Cannot Be Baodatianxia, Multiple Models, Methods And Techniques Of Integration At Different Levels, In Practice To Produce Good Results.

There Is Also A Trend Is Open Source. Although The Major Companies In The Effort To Do Open Source Platform, But Wang Shijin, Vice President Of Opinion, For Ai Company, If The Company’S Business Grow, Individual Needs More Platforms To Build More Scalable, Open Source Platforms Are More Appropriate For Academic Research And Exchanges.

University Of Flying In The Developments In The Market, “Ai Tale” Members Suggested That The Fly Why Hkust Started So Early In The Voice Market And Technology Are A Leading Case, There Are A Lot Of Speech Technology As The Core Of The Present Venture Company? Wang Shijin Said, Because The Market Is Large Enough, Allowing Many Of The Same Companies. And, From The Technology Itself, Coming Out Of A Company’S Technical People Can’T Do Is Impossible. So, To Maintain Its Commercial Value, Only The Business Scene Combining Continuously Optimize, Maintain The Lead.

Specific To Voice Technology, Wang Shijin, Vice President Referred To Many Question. For Example, In His View, The Natural Language Processing Is Actually The Essence Of Form And Meaning Many-To-Many Mapping Of Core Difficulty Is Lack Of Knowledge. And The Insufficient Knowledge Of The Reasons Is That Language Is Complicated, Ambiguous, And The Language Is Constantly Evolving. He Believed That The Solution To This Problem Is, And Use Of Knowledge For Constraints.

In Reality, The Voice Technology Is Not So Easy. Wang Shijin Believes That There Are Three Reasons: 1. Each Time The Voice Input Is A Difference Of 2. Factors Influencing The Effect Of Speech Recognition In Real Applications Are Not Controlled, Models Such As A Microphone, Noise, Voice, Speed, And So On; 3. Speech Recognition Technology Is The Probability Of System.

In His View, To Effectively Reduce The Difficulty Of Artificial Intelligence Have Four Strokes: First Of All, Forget Technology, Combination Through A Variety Of Means To Reduce Our Dependence On Artificial Intelligence Technology And, Secondly, Technology To Provide More Information, Reducing Candidates Or Predict The Results Orientation; And, Third, Delayed Decisions, Offering More Opportunities For Technical Judgment Effect Four, Supervision Of Qualified, That Is, Black Box For A Complex Artificial Intelligence System, Users Need To Monitor Status In Many Scenes.

Tencent’S Ai Lab: Horizons Are Not Limited Within The Tencent

Tencent’S Ai Lab In The Afternoon Has Been A Great Attraction, Club Members Are Looking Forward To See Tencent’S Artificial Intelligence Forces. Tencent Beijing Office, Members Met With Tencent Ai Lab Director Zhang Tong, He Is A Machine Learning And Data Analysis Of Internationally Renowned Scholars In The Field. Share Classes, Zhang Tong To Explain The Outbreak Of Ai Technology Industry Background, And Introduces The Main Ai Tencent Technology And Business.

Tencent’S Ai Lab Director Zhang Tong

Zhang Tong Believes That Ai Technology Should Primarily In Four Main Areas, Including Game Ai, Ai, Ai Social Peace-Ai, Focus On The Four Major Directions Of Development: The First Is The New Intelligent Hardware Interaction Based On Ai Techniques, As Represented By The Apple Company Products; Followed By Combined With The Industry, Such As Unmanned, Smart Healthcare; In Addition, Traditional Enterprises Are Beginning To Pay Attention To It Is A Big Data; And, Finally, Is Of Interest To Tencent, In The Cloud, From The Hardware On The Bottom, Grafted Ai Technique?

Dr Zhang Said, Led His Team Of Ai Lab Is A Combination Of Research And Applications, Published More Than 70 Research Scientists At The Top-Level Meeting Papers, More Than 300 Engineers Are Quickly Achieving Research And Development Of Products. He Added: Some Scientists More Academic, And Many Articles, Such As Top And Nips Conference Icml Machine Learning, We Selected This Year, 13 Article In The Domestic Leading Enterprises And Application, We Have Hundreds Of Product By Tencent Technology Use, Including Qq, Micro-Credit, Daily Express. In Addition, He Mentioned The Reinforcement Learning Techniques Is That They Focus On The Directions.

Tencent’S Current Lab Is An Excellent Working Environment, For Example, When Referring To The Ai Lab’S Index, Said Zhang Tong, But It Is Still Relatively Loose, Chiefly Concerned About The Publication Of The Paper And Product Applications. In Addition His Own Industry Will Have A Certain Try, Hope To Stay Connected With The Industry, View More Open.

League Members Asked How Tencent Internal Resources And Manpower. Zhang Tong Said That Tencent Also Has Other Ai Techniques, With A Partnership To Jointly Promote. At The Application Level, Ai Lab Currently Many Ai Application, Including Micro-Take A Look At The Features And Content Recommendations, Tencent Qq Browser News And Daily Express Both App, Is Recommended Based On The Data Analysis Feature Output; There Are Images In The Qq App Filter And Tencent Video Video Filters, Belonging To The Field Of Computer Vision Research.

Ali Baba Ai Labs: Launched First Pilot Product

“Ai Tale” Beijing Opening The Next Day, Alibaba Artificial Intelligence Of The Three Most Representative Team–Ai Labs, Idst And Ali Cloud Data Core Researcher To Introduce The Company’S Latest Developments In Artificial Intelligence.

Alibaba Recently Are Representative Products Of Artificial Intelligence Is The Recently-Launched Cats Of Days X1, Alibaba’S Artificial Intelligence Laboratory Products And Operations Director Shikong (Nickname) Which Was Introduced. He Said Cat Genie Alibaba Ai Labs First Pilot Product, Reflects The Ability To Integrate Ali’S Hardware.

Ali Baba Idst Kai Pan Vision Team Of Senior Experts (Lazarus), Introduced The State Scouring Products And The Application Of Visual Technology In The Cloud. Ali Cloud Data Team Through The (Roster) In The Next Share Specifically Mentioned Ali In The Startup Location, He Says, Is No Competitive Relationship Between Ali And Startups, Ali To Do Is Enabling Companies To Expand The Market, So That More Partners Are Involved.

Alibaba Idst Senior Algorithm Expert And Director Of Artificial Intelligence Laboratory Technical Director Kai Pan/Alibaba Shikong/Ali, Senior Expert Of Cloud Data Services Through

Next Stop In Silicon Valley

Ai In A Tale Of Two Cities Beijing Trip, Taking Their Problems To More Than 30 Of Sequoia Capital China Fund And The Valiant Members Of The Fund Company’S Founders And Executives, And Walk In The Forefront Of Artificial Intelligence Ai Lab And Officials Were “Zero Distance” Contact: Fly From Today’S Headlines To Hkust, From Tencent To Ali Baba, And The Industry Is Closely Linked To The Ivory Towers Of “Qing Hua Yao Ban”. In This Section Of The High Energy Of The Whole Trip, We Maintain A High Degree Of Focus, They Are Most Concerned About Concentration At The Point Of Application And Technology To Their Own Business Compared With These Giant Companies And Organizations, Looking For Similarities And Differences, Asking Questions, Also Discussed Potential Cooperation, Can Say Quite Pragmatic.

Sequoia Capital China Fund Has Always Paid Attention To Service After Docking With The Resources, Through This Activity, They Successfully Take The “Bridge” Role. It Is Understood That Sequoia Capital China Has Always Been Concerned About Developments In The Field Of Artificial Intelligence, And Many Are Invested In Pre-A Round Ai And Related Fields Of Business Enterprises, Including The Security Field Yitu, Klaeng Dark Pupil, Ming Data; Finance, Beijing East Fourth Paradigm In The Field Of Finance, Hundreds Into Gold Dress, Ping++, The Media/ Information Field Of Today’S Headlines, Quick, Second, New Intellectual Living Service Group Reviews, Hungry, Dada, Meeting Nano Technology; Car/Transportation Out To Car, Travel, Thanks To The Last Drop-Cycles, Pony. Ai, Melon Seeds Used Cars; Assume In The Field Of Science And Technology, Medical Health Voxel Cloud, Sen Billion Smart Hardware Xinjiang In The Field Of Innovation, Ninebot, Gorizont, Go Out And Ask And Technology Layer Clouds In The Area Of Intelligence, Wisdom, Bud, Shence Data, It Can Be Said That Such An Investment In Ai Maps, Has Effectively Rendered The Current Commercialization Of Key Scenes In Almost All Areas Of Artificial Intelligence.

“Ai Tale” Members In The Following Week And Google Cloud Machine Learning And Artificial Intelligence’S Chief Scientist, Professor Li Feifei, Vp Of Information Security Strategy To The Last Drop, Drip Drop, Head Of Didi Labs Gong Fengmin, Deputy Director Of The Institute, Dr Ai Lab, University Of California, Berkeley Professor Pieter Abbeel, Y Combinator Ceo Sam Altman, Robotics Laboratory At Stanford University Professor Oussama Khatib, Coursera Co-Founder Wu Enda Professor And Founder And Ceo Andrew Feldman Of Cerebras Systems, A Number Of Industry, Daniel Was The Exchange Of Learning, Also At The University Of California, Berkeley And Stanford University, Two “Magic School” Future-Oriented Ai Talent Campus Speaking Tour, Stanford Jonathan Levav And More Cross-Border Dialogue. Ai Domestic Entrepreneurs And Silicon Valley Elite What Sparks Collide?



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