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commercial channels after work hot, take a look at today’s business world List!

target: they recently got a breakthrough

marriage with the worry-2019 us listings

today, 36 krypton exclusive was informed that  Recognize the nets to worry a $120 million d round of financing strategy. After this round of financing, management, core team and organizational structure will not change anything, and accelerate revenue growth, accelerate the process of company’s IPO, planned for 2019 us listings.

after the purchase of whole foods, Amazon let go into the wine field

liquor delivery services has been considered an area that is protected from the effects of Amazon, Amazon did not pounce on the wine service for a long time. But in the end of August, Amazon with Prime Now services, expanding the wine delivery service covering the urban area. Amazon links have tied up with the acquisition of Whole Foods, the current three-tier distribution system for wine industry will also impact, to subvert the wine area of influence should not be underestimated.

Papi sauce “Gold master” on the market, net profit margin 4%, more than 90% performance by Ali

9 18th, Shanghai beauty beautiful makeup cosmetics company limited (referred to as beauty beautiful makeup) on the SFC Web site disclosed in the prospectus, marked beauty beautiful makeup into the IPO home stretch. Last April, the beauty beautiful makeup during a closely watched auction for 22 million Yuan “super price” snapped “reticulocyte” Papi sauce video ad placement, to let more people hear about this company.

Dove to SanLiTun has opened a “customized” city, you want to touch the hearts and taste buds of young people

manual DIY how much tastes of chocolate, from September 12 to October 2 You can go to SanLiTun exclusive Dove chocolate build a chocolate, and free. Even in the globe, which is owned by Mars chocolate such offline events for the first time. Named “Choc Bar boom” Flash-looking shops in the great personality of young people.

black list: they recently passed not too smooth

iPhone 8 went on sale today, Apple store this scene awkward

once, a number of “Apple” For the first time to get the new iPhone would stay up all night to wait. Embarrassing is Beijing time September 22, at 8 o’clock in the morning, Apple iPhone 8/8 Plus officially went on sale. Outside the Apple store in Beijing China Center as early as the handful of consumers pick a store, originally set up to facilitate line railing becomes useless, and staff had to be removed. Some iPhone in China have been snapped up, or even Apple fans Queuing overnight may be gone.

fell: stock or the lowest listed first week iPhone

on September 22, Beijing time news, unless Apple shares on Friday rose 1.4%, or else it will hit since its release in 2007 since the first generation iPhone, Major market a week before the worst stock price performance. Why this is the case, mainly because the company’s unsatisfactory evaluation of new products currently available.

Christians taught by Ms Wang and HTC’s 200 billion

9 21st, has repeatedly spread the acquired HTC, Pixel mobile team announced the $1.1 billion price sold to Google. Is weight loss HTC as its founder, has an illustrious history: it had produced the world’s first smart phone, Apple, Samsung, after the rise, alongside three industry leaders. By 2011, the company a market value of 200 billion yuan. This 200 billion lesson in the Christian figure of her most crucial.

yuantong express join flaw occurs frequently, network paralyzed cargo backlog over a week in Shanghai

in February this year, yuantong express outgoing strike of more than one network news, “11” before the arrival of outgoing again “net strike” message. On September 21, the securities Journal reporters learned from the Pudong new area, Shanghai’s household, which had not received in 7 days delivery, and 4 days ago, courier has been near delivery outlets get collected, but express has not received.

shocking shared bike cemetery, hundreds of thousands of vehicles abandoned in the wilderness is nobody

9 mid, 2.35 million shares under a bicycle in Beijing announced the suspension of new share bicycles, at this point, the North Canton deep in first-tier cities to complete the shared bicycle Cap. Meanwhile, also stepped up efforts to combat shared bicycle violations: once upon a bicycle blocked roads were allowed, and now, management will put all the shared bicycle “wilderness”.

List of PK: they intend to about one, the result is not clear

fresh crab battle began, graphical crabs and eat those things

the first half of the crayfish, crabs in the second half, as the Giants into the electricity business, Aquatic products fresh and explosive fired more and more heat. Compared with previous years, brand more crabs this year, commodities are gearing up, the flames burned to crab Lake.

Le Jia Yue Ting as the network requirements to fulfil lending commitments, Sun Hongbin Jia Yue Ting stood opposite

9 21st night as the network said in a statement, urging the controlling shareholders to continue to fulfil their commitments, the company Board of Directors has recently sent a letter to Jia Yue Ting, Reminders and requested it to continue to fulfil lending commitments. Although Sun Hongbin has said in public, said Jia Yue Ting. But all the factors under the booster, with Jia Yue Ting Sun Hongbin was forced to stand on the opposite.

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