Black cool electric business “poison” to open the next shop: give users reasons to back on the line’s new retail


for male domestic tip of guide, the black cool poisons to open shop. Boss Li Zheng told me in the store can be seen dragging its little tank, Lamborghini exhaust pipes sound, can wear hand-made medieval armor photo, also can participate in the cigar tasting classroom … …

I swallow swallow saliva, it really is very, very cool.

don’t know poison readers can see 36 krypton to earlier reports. This is a category-wide e-commerce platform, 70% users are male. Small soaps, wine, large treadmill, cars, sell everything, ranging in price from more than 100 to a hundred thousand of Yuan. Selected standards for short, is “not to sell the currency.”

in the view of Li Zheng, most men do not pay attention to for clothes, watches, audio and other more telling of a story (in other words, the more acting) of things preoccupied, willing to spend a lot of money. so the unique aesthetic and the ability is the core competence of the poison–poison to sell stuff, unable to buy elsewhere. Li Zheng said fingertip gyros was first they fire, Li Chen, Anson Hu and other stars are also users of the poison.

toxicant early shopping patterns, but service quality and profits is not stable, so go do self-employed electrical contractor, delivery by the supplier. For certain categories, such as umbrellas, lighters, also launched a joint brand. Platform users reached 5 million, GMV has broken through thousands of Yuan per month.

toxicant effect picture of the offline shop opening soon

so why poison now going to open shop? Indeed, everyone is talking about the new retail, but like many vanished like the concept, the new retail is a hot word. in pursuit of the essence behind it, Li Zheng considered to be improving the efficiency of traffic. We can dismantling the flow in three dimensions:

  • first of all, from online to offline. Poison of big-ticket items, such as Lamborghini exhaust pipes sound, circular treadmill experience, online traffic conversion rate is not high, leading to better below the line;

  • second, from offline to online. Online traffic prices continue to rise, line flow is natural and relatively accurate (at least into the shop is interested in). Due to the poison to sell products with a story, through operational means to let users scan codes into the applet naturally, get product content, and will have access to more goods on the line.

  • more importantly, not only founded their own offline and online traffic, and is 1+1>2 from the convergence effect. Online users store merchandising activity salon, increases brand trust; identifiability offline user did not previously have, but now it can be data, for better operation.

toxicant effect picture of the offline shop opening soon

Li Zheng believes that users must be given a strong reason from offline to online. “If only online store to buy fruit, these products, why do users go online to watch? But in the poison, users see a tank models, will want to know the story behind it, we will be able to guide users, code and went online. “

toxicant’s first store will be opened in October, location in the United meeting Mall, an area of 150 square meters. Such as a paper said, in addition to selling a variety of tip outside goods, also organized a number of small and interesting activities, such as spitting smoke joke contest, handmade armor to try on, and so on.

the poison in the future plans to open 100 stores in the country, it is interesting, two or three lines will become the key mining areas of the city. Because the data from the e-commerce platform, 80% users from two or three lines of the city. “Too many new things that people in first-tier cities, two or three lines of urban people craving for novelty’s. And two or three cities, though not as good as first-tier cities, but disposable income is higher. “

in the male consumer sector, 36 krypton also started with a current XY, focus on men’s cock to go private, clothes come down clothing, and large” Du Shaofei “and so on.


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