A consumer, permanent service, Super Party want to cut into the blue ocean market by promoting a party service


Super Party is composed of a Beijing Mu San Heng culture communication Ltd (hereinafter “the three hang a wood company”) custom party project launched in 2016, Position pan social acquaintances of acquaintances, provide customized for corporate and private party services, the one-time service into permanent service to help users expand the circle, butt social networking resources.

the three hang a wood company’s business is divided into two main segments: Enterprise image design, and corporate public relations and cultural activities. Butt brands such as BMW, green real estate services all the year round, Super Party with a certain b-side resources, which was built, business activities of the enterprise, providing party services such as salon, unit prices at more than 100,000 yuan.

in addition to custom party services, for b and c-Terminal customers, Super Party has developed a theme party package applicable to different scenarios, unit price between 10,000-30,000. Private party has developed 10 thematic IP, IP Enterprise Party 8 topics. Reusable IP resources, benefits such as “to the youth theme” party enterprises with applied 50-80 party, also applies to 50 people for private parties. Super Party currently has over 60 b-end of service and c-client, hosting more than more than 200 parties.

the problem is that internal party service is in the form of small is beautiful Studio in the business, traffic dispersion, it is difficult to form a standardized operation. Is done in the early part of the planning team of wedding planning, wedding services are disposable, not paying attention to quality control, experience a sense of good and bad. This Super Party establishes a one-to-one Butler service mechanism. Party services controlled by 3 people before the process of planning, midrange implementation and back-end service, control service processes. Party materials are provided by the supply chain, after the material was reclaimed twice, for arrangement of the welfare party.

on the client side, Super Party with “a consumption, permanent service” mechanism of consumption. Establishment of CRM and customer help link employment, income and personal needs social resources. Super Party cut the high-end consumer, consumption is the generation of their customized private party services after the collar and $literal high net worth population, these people will pulse ring expansion needs. Super Party depending on the party scene invited for users of previous periods. For instance, recently a fashion industry party Super Party Service or activity, it will filter based on past customer information occupations associated with Designer customers and send out party invitations. At present the matching phase is still completed by hand, later when accumulated to a certain user, Super Party building automation the matching database.

team to set up in Beijing, Shanghai, Changsha, the size of more than 10 people, next in line to join form to national expansion. Current monthly orders 4-6-party service, a seasonal increase, consumption season is from October to the end of the party. Liquidation channel mainly from party service, theme party packages as well as brands sponsor three pieces of material.

in my opinion, party planning in China varies greatly, homogenization serious content, lower trade barriers, it is difficult to scale standards, national party organizers are focusing on venue management, core exchanges but can not control the party. Social attributes, user can open Party at home. In order to highlight the differentiated services party planning should focus on is to make the acquaintance of a social more fun, allow strangers to social or embarrassed. Same line consumer experience ‘ parties needs some creative boutique high-end line to establish a threshold, it is also Super Party location. Value-added services based on linking social resources can achieve the desired results, match resources effectively can now say.

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